October 29, 2008

Just Want to Say Thank You!!

We just realized that yesterday marked the one month anniversary of our new blog launching (I promise we won’t be counting down EVERY month…maybe just every other one! yea, that seems appropriate. :) But in that very crazy short amount of time we have gotten over 16,000 unique visits and just under 100,000 page views!!! ( I gotta think our snazzy new rotating headers had something to do with that last one!) This just totally blows my mind, so we just want to thank EVERYONE so much for stopping by, leaving a lil’ blog lovin to brighten up our day, and just in general making us feel so loved!! We LOVE what we do so much, and we know how incredibly blessed we are that we get to say that every day. Having you guys there right along with us just means the world to us!

So seriously, these things just need to be said….thank you for that.

So much love!

***PS: So to celebrate, we thought we would go ahead and announce the winners of our launch contest… Miss Audra Bayette & Miss Sarah McCoy!!! You ladies will have your choice of some snazzy iTunes or B&H gift cards. Just hit us up with an email, so we know where to send them!

  1. Emily Mason

    Congrats! You guys are great=)

  2. Tira J

    Sending you some more blog love! Congrats you guys!

  3. Sarah McCoy

    WOO HOO! Today has been a really rotten day until checking out your blog. Thank you so much. This came at the perfect time.

    And congrats on the one-monthiversary. I’m looking forward to many more months of checking out your awesomeness.

  4. Val McCormick Photography

    Good things never go unoticed ;-)

  5. Audra Bayette

    ROCK! I am super excited! I love your site and your work and I especially love that you guys are from CT – I grew up there!

  6. Molly

    I’m not even a photographer (or close to it – my cell phone captures more pictures than my digital!) but I appreciate the beauty that is in these photographs! I’ve been hooked since my friend’s engagement pictures went up. You two are amazing!

  7. MattDJ

    See… you guys are one of those monster photographer bloggers I was talking about! :-)

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