July 7, 2009

Justin & Mary Brides: Cool Themes

Good morning from Morgantown, West Virginia!!! We got into town on Monday night and met up with Rachel & Terry for dinner. Then yesterday morning, Rachel surprised us with facials at Spa Roma before we got started with the shoot. (How awesome is she?!) The shoot yesterday was absolutely phenomenal and I can’t WAIT to tell you more about that. I just have to collect my thoughts and try to put into words just exactly how cool it was!

Rachel is most definitely a Justin & Mary bride!! I got this necklace to wear in honor of her because she is planning a peacock feather/going to the chapel/audrey hepburn inspired wedding for this fall. She was telling us all about everything they had planned over dinner, and I was practically drooling into my “perfect salmon.” (yep, that was actually the name of the dish and yep it totally lived up to it!!).

See, I think one of the things that really leads to our brides putting together such killer details is that they first start with a cool theme. It can be anything from one really awesome tie (like Suzanne & Justin) to a tag line like “our love grows” (Kim & Joel, coming soon to a blog near you!!) or just an over all feel they’re going for like Julia & Mike’s “whimsical” carousel wedding…but it’s just gotta be something that pulls everything else together. Makes it feel intentional. Makes it feel like them.

For our own wedding, Justin & I put together an antique photography/apple tree theme (because we got engaged under an old apple tree in WV where I grew up). At first, we were really struggling on what we wanted to do for everything. Never in my life have I had to make so many decisions. But I feel like once we settled on theme, everything else just started falling into place. So we had little antique copper cameras for the place cards and real WV apple butter as one of the favors. The tables were named after famous photographers like Cartier Bresson and Matthew Brady, and we did caramel apples for the “sweet dreams” gift. We also had a photo booth with an antique view camera, and the incredible ladies at Sugarbelle even made Justin an antique camera groom’s cake that looked so real we actually thought it was one of the cameras we brought to decorate with! Those girls are AMAZING!!

So I guess my point is, if you’re planning a wedding and feeling a little stuck on coming up with all those killer details, try first starting with a cool theme for a lil’ inspiration. Trust me, it’ll make your life so much easier!!

Ok, so we’re meeting up with my family this morning before heading on home a little later today. Just in time for Ronnie & Scott’s beautiful wedding in Greenwich this weekend! But it’s all cool, because I just found out that Morgantown now officially has its own STARBUCKS (woo hoo!!) so I’ll have plenty of fuel for the road!! :)

  1. Tira J

    I remember seeing your wedding pictures a while ago. Maybe you can post some of those "theme" pictures so everyone can see and slobber all over them, because they rocked! Enjoy your time with the family and have a safe trip back.

  2. Linden

    Umm I love that neckalace!!! Where did you get it??

  3. Feuza

    I love wedding themes!!! and peacocks are so in! lovely necklace

  4. Julia

    LOVE!!! Can’t wait to see the necklace paired with a rockstar outfit! AND can’t wait until that wedding!!! Remind me how I got so lucky again?!?!

  5. Jenn

    What a great post. Very thought provoking : )

  6. Kristen Dawn

    Ooooh my wheels are spinnin’!!

  7. Erica Velasco

    Love this post! It’s so important to have a theme to the wedding…it just makes everything pretty and cohesive and tied in a pretty little bow.

  8. Ray

    Having a specific theme for your wedding is so cool. I love attention to detail and being really creative and I know that when I get married, those two things will be VERY evident in my wedding, "detail" and "creativity!"

    Your wedding sounds so great that you should do a blog about it that inlcudes photos.

    P.S. You have such kick-ass clients spoiling you with spa treatments and cool necklaces. Lucky you. ;o)

  9. Audrey

    can you share pictures of your wedding? it sounds incredible!

  10. alyssa jul

    I totally agree, when brides get creative it makes the wedding more than just a wedding!

  11. Christopher

    What a great idea.

  12. Jasmine*

    Awesome post, Mary!! I couldn’t agree more! :) xoxo

  13. Bett

    This is a wonderful post! I love theme weddings! I’m working with a bride (also a friend) for her Jan 2010 wedding with a Winter Wonderland theme and it’s been so much fun. In

    *drools* Starbucks… nectar of the gods!!!

  14. Stacey

    Great post!!! I’m brainstorming now…. also, great necklace! I love it!!!

  15. Crystal Chick

    That necklace is gorgeous. :) Great tips. I’ll keep them in mind when my prince charming comes along one day. For now, it helps me keep an eye out for those "little things" at my clients’ weddings.

  16. Marissa Rodriguez

    This is great!!! Thanks for posting!

  17. Aurora Onorato

    AWESOME!!! I use peacock feathers in our decorating for events so I think this is a superfabulous idea!! whoo whooo can’t wait to see the day of images!

  18. MM

    it’s from Urban Outfitters!

  19. anastasia

    love the peacock necklace.. I wish I could have one just like that.. ^^

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