May 11, 2010

Justin & Mary Brides: Crazy Generous!! :)

Happy Tuesday!!

As you can tell from our blog absence, we have been working hard on finishing up our lil’ HGTV project (as well as Michelle & Rob Part II!) to reveal here on the blog very soon. A project that has been made SO much easier by the incredible thoughtfulness & generosity of our kick-tush clients. (Yea…I just said tush. Because I am THAT awesome!) Like this Pottery Barn gift card that Michelle & Rob sent over, which was a HUGE help in buying all those fun decorations we’re about to reveal. AND keeping us within the budget! Why hello distressed wood oar…come to mama!! :)

And this bottle of wine that Jen & Bryan sent over from the Jones Family Winery after their engagement shoot. Which I can tell you, has been coming in VERY handy as we attempt our very first foray into DIY wainscoting. I ask you, has anyone ever TRIED to get wainscoting to line up in a 130 year old house?? GRRRRR. Pour me another glass already! :)

Seriously, Michelle & Rob and Jen & Bryan….you guys rock our socks off!! Thank you SO much for being such incredible clients….and now more importantly, incredible friends. We love all of you guys!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some big reveals!
Wainscotingly Yours

  1. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Oh, can we feel your pain. I remember when my husband and his brother put in the wood floor in the kitchen of our circa 1870 house. It was a nightmare! But that is the charm of older homes. (Or at least that’s the mantra that we repeat to ourselves over and over whenever we are doing work on it!)

  2. Meredith Perdue

    So fun! I love hearing about your projects & decor ideas. We found an old wooden oar and used it for our railing on our front porch! Enjoy the wine!

  3. Nancy

    Yay for red wine!

  4. Rob

    your use of Wainscotingly rules

  5. Ray

    Your clients-turned-friends rock hard! =D And as Meredith said, "Enjoy the wine."

  6. Michelle

    We can’t wait to see the end result! You guys are the best and sending you an entire Pottery Barn STORE still wouldn’t fully express how thankful we are :)

  7. Erica Velasco

    Seriously! You guys always get presents!

  8. Deyla Huss Photography

    Oh so fun! I cannot wait to see more of your progress of your home!

  9. Christa

    Nice presents :)
    Can’t wait to see more of the reno

  10. Julia

    OOOH!!! Distressed wood oar?!? Can’t wait to see the big reveal!! :)

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