August 8, 2009

Justin & Mary Brides (& Grooms!!): Are AWESOME!!

Today is Stef & Dave’s wedding day, but we’re the ones getting a wedding present! Check out these AMAZING shoot sac covers these guys had special made for us with the J&M logos on them!! They took our logo and had it laser burned into the leather…..SERIOUSLY?? Yea, our brides and grooms ROCK!!!

Alright, game faces on….it’s go time!!

  1. Amy Clifton

    Are you kidding me? That is AWESOME!! You guys seriously rock, and so do your couples!! What an amazing gift.

  2. jamie delaine

    Oh my GOSH! How amazing! :) p.s. everytime i visit your blog i smile. i love your branding.

  3. Katherine Bowman

    Wow, that is SOOO cool! What a great idea!

  4. Ray

    That is too cool! And you have kick-ass clients. =D

  5. Anna Sawin

    That is just a new level of awesome!
    Love it!

  6. Zach Gray

    Unbelievable. That is awesome!

  7. Cathy Crawley

    That ROCKS! You do have the best clients!!!

  8. Samantha Gale

    Hi Guys, this is soo cool and I’m sure well deserved. I love your branding!!!

  9. jenberry

    seriously that ROCKS. and you two deserve it. really.

  10. Feuza

    Wow, what a hard job you guys have, seriously! VERY WELL DESERVED, I love it!!!!

  11. ERica Velasco

    Wow that is so awesome!

  12. miranda

    wow!!! that is totally awesome… i admit…i am Jealous!!!

  13. Yuka photo art

    WOW! What a cool idea!

  14. Syreena B

    Wow…those are AMAZING!!! I know they made you feel all warm and fuzzieS inside…

  15. Terra Dawn

    Those….are seriously the coolest shootsac covers EVER!!! Not too mention the coolest Bride and Groom EVER!!!

  16. thea

    Totally awesome!

  17. Marissa Rodriguez

    Soooooo cool!!! Love those covers! You totally do have the best clients!

  18. katelyn james

    um…that’s incredible!

  19. Nicole Glenn

    Ummm, these are awesome!

  20. Cassie Schott

    WOW!! That is so cool! :)

  21. Jackie Beale

    NICE! That cover is so cool!

  22. Lydia

    How awesome! What cool clients!

  23. Amanda Bachand

    These are so awesome. Stef and Dave rock.

  24. natt

    those shootsac covers are totally awesome! you guys are so blessed with such great clients! =)

  25. Airika Pope

    Now THAT is awesome! I want some pics of your guys rockin’ those!

  26. Emily Beaty

    HOW cool!!!! Love them!

  27. Michael and Carina

    It’s beyond 9000!!

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