May 16, 2010

Justin & Mary Brides (& Grooms): Cool Under Pressure

Yesterday we shot the absolutely beautiful wedding of Stacey & Charles. The weather was perfection, the flowers were delicate and timeless, and Stacey & Charles were a vision of Old Hollywood glam. It was the kind of day every girl dreams of. Except that it almost wasn’t.

Five days ago, these two got a call that their venue, Monteverde, had gone bankrupt and closed its doors. That’s it. Done. Wedding is off.

Except that it wasn’t.

Because more than anything, all Stacey & Charles cared about was getting married. They would get married in a backyard if they had to. BBQ & BYOB. But come Saturday and come what may, they were starting a life together. So they stayed cool under some extreme pressure and…they went to work. And in just five days, with the incredibly generous help of Guy Dimeo and Unique Affair Catering, they pulled together an even more beautiful day than anyone could have imagined.

Stacey & Charles, it was an honor to watch you laugh together. To dance together and smile together and raise your glasses together. To see you soak in the most perfect day celebrating the start of the most beautiful life together. Always love the way you do right now. It is an inspiration for the rest of us.

So much love

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  1. Spring

    I hope they get their money back somehow!!! What a sweet couple- no one deserves that.

  2. Beth

    That’s crazy what happened with the venue, but I’m so glad that they found someone else to come through for them! I’m sure it was a perfect wedding :).

  3. elizabeth

    Beautiful images – how wonderful that they chose to smile and dance in the rain anyway :) LOVE it. Great, great, great of those who stepped in to help!!

  4. Caitlin Scott

    I love the photo! Such a horrible story, but its great that they could pull it together.

  5. Grandma Ina

    They truly believed my favorite saying:"When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade!"

  6. Caitlin

    oh wow, I saw a segment on the news about them last week and just couldn’t believe that this had happened. So happy to see this photo (gorgeous!) and hear that everything worked out in the end!

  7. Cathy Crawley

    That is a terrible story but I’m glad that it had a happy ending. Stories like these restore my faith in human kind, how sweet of Guy to help them out.

  8. Marissa Rodriguez

    Wow! That is horrible what happened to them but it’s so amazing how everything came together and I love how they kept calm through it all! Can’t wait to see their photos!

  9. Christine Pobke

    Wow… goosebumps! Can’t believe what happened to them but how amazing that everything worked out beautifully!!! The universe loves them! :) And congrats to the happy couple – you’ve once again proved why love is so grand! :) xoxo

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