April 27, 2010

Justin & Mary Brides (& Grooms): Crazy Generous!

I get ridiculously excited for the mail on a normal day.

I stare at the clock and count down the minutes til it gets here. I perk up my ears and listen for the mailman’s steps on our front porch. I sit beside Cooper and look out the window longingly for the sight of his red, white & blue truck.

See, me and our mailman were on a first name basis within the first week. We had our witty banter down pat the week after that. And I’m thinking of inviting him over to dinner the week after next.

His name is Mike by the way. And he is awesome.

Well if I get excited for the mail on a normal day, you can just imagine the happy dance of joy I did when we got this little package in the mail. Yea, I’m not gonna lie. The running man may or may not have been involved.

And let’s just go ahead and put it out there. Our clients are the B-O-M-B. Besides the fact that they invite us into their lives and share their love with us. Ignoring the fact that it is uniquely because of them that we get to chase these dreams and live the life we love. Forgetting for just a moment that they’ve made us who we are. Yea, putting all of that aside for now….they also shop at Restoration Hardware to boot?! Are you kidding me?? :) I love our clients. No. Scratch that. Reverse it. I love, love, love, LOOOOOOVE our clients. And the crazy generous people that they are.

Thank you SO, so much to two of our most recent Clients Turned Friends, Jil & Tom, who rocked our world with a Restoration Hardware gift card that would make even the most sophisticated of business women stop and do the running man in her living room. J&T from the bottom of our hearts we love, love, LOOOOOVE you guys!

AND, I know just the thing to spend it on…..how about some new curtains for our brand new first floor windows?? :)

  1. Nancy

    I love it when clients gift you, it makes you feel that much more special and appreciated.

    The remodeling is looking good!

  2. Gina Meola

    What a thoughtful gift!! Great clients make all the difference!

  3. jeramy

    it’s been so fun to watch your home renovations. so exciting for you guys!

  4. spring

    I LOVE that window! The bigger the better for windows :) I think I need to get me some Restoration Hardware loving clients :)

  5. Nicky Peterson

    How exciting! What a nice surprise! I am sure you will have a blast spending that!

  6. Lexi

    Hi Mary and Justin!

    I have been following your photography for about a year and i LOVE your style. You both are insanely awesome and not to mention very funny!

    I just wanted to let you know I’m out here and that I really appreciate all that you both do!

    You guys rock!


    (P.S: congrats on the house!! It looks so pretty!)

  7. Lydia

    Aren’t amazing clients awesome?! The new window looks great!

  8. Marcus Murphy

    Just stoppin in to say Hi! The house looks awesome! So happy for you guys. :)

  9. Ray

    You have amazing clients. ;o) And great window by the way.

  10. Marissa Rodriguez

    I love all of your home decor/restoration updates! Your clients rock!

  11. Cathy Crawley

    That is so sweet of them! I fell in LOVE with Restoration Hardware when I was in LA. They have a mirror that is to die for and I can’t find anything like it in Australia. So bummed. Go you and go your clients!


    Can’t wait to see the end result! I’m ‘planning’ a makeover for MY gallery space at home. I can’t convince my husband that I need MY space. The house is spacious but we have TOO much stuff and too many miss matched furniture! How to you keep your business space separate from your personal space? Love your clients!

  13. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Yeah, I get overly excited about mail, too. But we can’t invite our mail man over because I know my husband will slip and call him "the hunky mail man" during dinner. *sigh*

  14. Jil (& Tom)

    *from our honeymoon* there arent enough RH gift cards in the world to show our appreciation. you guys are THE best!!

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