October 12, 2009

Justin & Mary Brides: Killer Details!

And now, here are those killer details from Kristin & Chad’s wedding I was telling you about!! This post should really double as a killer details/people who blow us away post because most of these crazy insane details came about at the hands of one of the most talented artists we know: Katherine Jacob of KDJ Botanica. My cursor is taunting me as I try to put into words how lush, thoughtful, nuanced and truly moving her work is. What she does with flowers makes us want to be better at photography. Because to see someone else excel in their craft the way that she does at hers should be an inspiration to artists everywhere. There. I think that says it pretty well!! :)

As always, the itty bitty clothes pins and just the presentation that goes into every project Katherine works on is awe inspiring.

If you think the bouts & bouquets were impressive, just wait until you see what was waiting for us at the cocktail hour!! Go ahead….feast your eyes on this! Come back for seconds.

Kristin & Chad get the credit for these super cute homemade drink stirrers. They served Chad’s mom’s secret family recipe for sweet tea during cocktail hour, and had these set out with it!


Ok, now brace yourself for the visual euphoria that is about to take place….INCREDIBLE, right?!


Mint & peaches on a golden summer afternoon. Perfection.

Look at the attention to detail. Can you believe those little antique pots??


Then we headed inside and found that the tables inside were just as perfect. Simple, delicate deliciousness.

Kristin & Chad’s delicious cake from The Cake Boutique looked so good that I wanted to smush my face in it. But I didn’t. I almost got arrested the last time I did that.

Chad is from Kentucky and Kristin is from Connecticut, so there was some good ole fashioned rivalry!!

The super cute table numbers were handmade for K & C by one of their family members.

Yea….I know. I’m hungry now too!! Happy Monday!!

  1. Michelle Sidles

    There is seriously NOTHING more beautiful than piles of peaches!! GORGEOUS!

  2. Dennis Bullock

    Amazing guys!

  3. imthiaz houseman

    i would have to agree with Michelle Sidles…nothing better than a pile of peaches…beautiful!

  4. Susan P

    love LOVE love all these yummy detail shots…and man i wish i could have tasted some of that cake. it is so lovely :) p.s. can’t wait to see the dates for the Spread the Love tour…hoping i can make the nashville stop!

  5. yumiko

    Beautiful work you guys, and beautiful work as always, Katherine!!!

  6. Ray

    Awesome shots you guys!! You guys do a great job at real-life quality photos, that you feel you can jump into. I loved the floral arrangements for the cocktail hour, especially the second photo. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the attention to the detail that this couple put into this wedding. Things such as "paying extra special attention" to detail, especially for a wedding, makes life so much more worthwhile (if that makes any kind of sense. Hehe).

    I just love when people put their all into something (especially something like a wedding). Katherine Jacob did a wonderful job. And you two are just killer with the lens. =D

  7. Cathy Crawley

    Just once, just once I would like to turn up to a wedding and have details like these. Aussie brides don’t spend a lot on flowers at receptions or the little details. I wish I could be a wedding planner to my brides as well as a photographer! These shots rock my world :)

  8. Betzography™

    Oh to have the chance to photograph such detail. This post is delicious.

  9. Jess @ Just Happily Ever After

    Those flowers are ridiculously gorgeous.

  10. Joyce Goeppinger/La Vie Le Gage/The Life Pledge

    This wedding blew me away! The detail, beauty, romance, feel good feeling was just overwhelming! Simplicity with STYLE! Not overdone. Just perfect balance.
    Wedding Consultant/Event Designer

  11. Meredith Perdue

    These detail shots are out of control amazing! You guys rock the details!

  12. Amy Clifton

    Simply, perfectly, elegantly Southern. I can almost smell the peaches!

  13. Audrey Snow

    I keep coming back to these detail shots. They are so beautiful. Beautiful design and beautiful photography.

  14. cassandra m

    G-E-O-R-G-E-O-U-S…simply gorgeous! WOW. Put these in a magazine quick! :)))

  15. Erica Velasco

    In love with her flowers! That’s the bouquet I want!

  16. carla Ten Eyck

    oh my god I want to dive into my computer and roll alllllllll over that peach table and eat those garden roses and smell the mint and stick my fingers in the frosting!! These details and the way you shot them make me all fluttery inside!!!!!!!! oh and the moss? come ON!!!!

  17. Lydia

    Wow, GORGEOUS!

  18. Cynthia

    These shots are amazing! Saw them on Style Me Pretty recently….love love love this cake! adorable.!

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