November 12, 2009

Justin & Mary Brides: Killer Details (Angela & Andrew Part V)

And now….all those Killer Details I know you’ve all been dying to see! But first, a little history. See, Angela & Andrew *could* have met in the tiny unheard of town of Siguenza, Spain four years ago when they both visited a castle there just two weeks apart. They could’ve met when they both lived in Astoria, just five blocks apart…probably crossing paths on the street day after day with no idea that they were brushing shoulders with their soul mate.

But they didn’t.

Because some hearts are just destined to wait. For the perfect timing and the perfect setting. To wait until their hearts are just right and ready to welcome the rarest kind of love. A love worth waiting for. Until the doors on the subway slide open and two new co-workers step off and make their way home chatting about a little known castle in the heart of Spain….

What a story right?! And with a story like that, you just GOTTA have some details to match. And so, a true North, compass-bearing, antique travel theme was born. Great Gatsby meets Amelia Earheart. Or something like that!!

So these guys kicked it off right with these antique handkerchiefs as the save the dates and these telegrams that were sent out to everyone who RSVP’d yes. AMAZING, right?!

Then when they arrived at Oheka, where all the guests were staying, each person found a note from A&A in their room with this hand-drawn rendering of the Castle on it and the hand-torn pages.

The room at Oheka was STUNNING!

The flip side of the menu contained the story of Angela & Andrew’s chance meeting….and the long road it took to get there.

I love how delicate and elegant the flowers were!

And of course, the event cards had to be these antique compasses….

….that said “we found each other, please find table 2”

Ok, now how about this. In the foyer during cocktail hour? Oh yea, they had a real gramophone with music that had been re-rendered to sound as if it was really playing through it. The thought that went into this wedding is mind-blowing!


And finally, each guest left with these “sweet dreams” boxes and a slice o cake! :)

Whew! I don’t know about you….but my eyes are on overload from all of A&A’s awesomeness! Sweet dreams guys!

  1. Erica Velasco

    Insanely classy event! Loving the yummy details!

  2. Paul McNerney

    REALLY…wow:) yumm!!

  3. Deyla Huss Photography

    This is such a stunning and beautiful wedding, super elegant details! Everytime I look at your images, I feel very calm and flowy! For real!

  4. Christopher

    Love. Just love these. Such a story each image tells.

  5. Sara Mellander

    What beautiful images!

  6. Kenzie Shores


  7. Matt

    Amazing details. I’m speechless. It must have been astounding to see in person. Great job as usual!

  8. Jil

    so amazing! and what a beautiful job capturing the amazing-ness. bravos all around!

  9. Gwendolyn Tundermann


  10. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Is that MY Matt that said he was speechless down below? Yeah, I’d say we were meant for each other. : )

  11. John W

    What a dessert extravaganza!

  12. arielle joy

    WOW, what amazing details! I am in love!

  13. Ray

    I love, love, LOVE (!) the fact that the event cards were "antique compasses!" I mean how cool is that?!?! VERY COOL! I love when couples are unique like that. And ohmygoodness those desserts look scrumptious. Yum, indeed. =P

    Also: what an AMAZING story. It’s CRAZY how they could have meet all those years ago but didn’t. Doesn’t matter though because: "What was meant to be, found its way!" Anyhow: gorgeous details all around. I also loved the gramophone idea as well. So smart!

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