October 21, 2009

Justin & Mary Brides: Wishlist

Here at Justin & Mary headquarters we all have a wee bit of detail obsession… well, ok, maybe a whole lotta detail obsession! We squeal over details, we ooh over details, we ahh over details, and as you all know… we blog about details. So we thought it might be fun for once to take the details out of the reception and put them into the bridal party portraits! Just adding a few props can make boring old bridal portraits so much more fun. Below, you will find a flurry of ideas that we WISH a bridal party would do. They are guaranteed to take your bridal party portraits from blah to OMG THAT’S INCREDIBLE Gorgeous! No matter what your wedding theme or vibe, we have a little bit of something for everyone! Take a look below, and if you think of something we should have included, be sure to let us know! The possibilities are endless!

1. A bouquet of these bad boys is sure to sweeten anyone’s day!! Available at Amy’s Decadent Chocolates
2. Each bridesmaid holding a different tea cup? Pinkies up!
3. Usually the fancy smancy hair accessories are reserved for the bride! Why not share the fun with some feathered headbands for the bridesmaids too?!? (J.Crew)
4. Fluffy, sweet, and oh so fun! Cotten candy is the perfect girly accessory for your bevy of beauties!
5. Lollipops for your creative and kitschy side! Available at Dylan’s Candy Bar
6. A game of graces or hoop rolling anyone? The Wellesley girls would be proud!
7. This cute ‘lil sign from Pottery Barn Kids says peace… but you can use the letters to spell out anything you want…or nothing at all! You could just do the first initial of everyone in the party. Half the party could have capital letters, the rest lower case.
8. We will always have a soft spot for a good faux fur! You can grab up this little number at Rice and Beans Vintage
9. What bridesmaid doesn’t want to check her hair and makeup? These silver accessories look as great in pictures as the gorgeous girls holding them!
10. Victorian Valentines add a touch of romance to any wedding!
11. The girls can’t have all the fun! A classic porkpie hat would look ultra cool on the groomsmen! Bonus- uber chic bridesmaids can pull them off too! ; ) (Available at Banana Republic and J.Crew
12. A vintage alarm clock instead of a pocket watch? We say YES!
13. A group of dapper young gentleman playing chess in an open field?!? Awesome!!
14. The whole bridal party can get together for a classic game of croquet!
15. Vintage sports equipment will give any group of groomsman a unique and classic vibe. All equipment available online at Antique Mystique

We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!
Mary & Julia

  1. Ray

    These are all awesome ideas to make the bridal shoot much more fun, I agree. ;o) I love the candy apples idea (hell I love candy apples, lol). =P I think to spice up a bridal party shoot: you can ask the couple what their favorite childhood story was (or any story). Then incorporate that somehow into the shoot, with items that go with the story. For example: Alice In Wonderland! An Alice In Wonderland Bridal shoot would be killer! ;o) In my world anyhow. Hehe.

  2. thea

    Love these…I think the vintage gloves would rock for a kids shoot;)

    The chess in a field would be awsome-as would all the other things you list here.

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