October 24, 2008

Justin & Mary Brides

We just got back from the PhotoPlus Expo down in NYC, where we got to hang out with the awesome Dave Luebke from Couture Books and grab dinner with some amazing people from Pictage. We were so excited to meet up one on one with Dave and get to hold the entire line of Couture Books in our hands and actually feel the pages and all the yummy leather goodness! More on this to come, but for now let’s just say we’re super excited!

But first, I just wanted to introduce you to a new category on our blog: “Justin & Mary Brides.” You guys KNOW how I love my details, right? So we thought it would be cool to create an entire category dedicated to inspiring details and cool design ideas that we’ve gotten from our amazing J&M brides. That way, all of you upcoming brides can head there to get some inspiration for your own weddings.

First up are these two Save the Dates that we just got in the mail today. The first one is from Kim & Joel, who live down in Florida but are getting married in Fairfield next year. K&J are doing a whole “Green” themed wedding with the tag line “our love grows,” so for their save the dates they did these parsley seeds in a custom envelope. Pretty cool, right??

And the second one is from Jenna & Joe, who live right outside of DC, but are also getting married in Fairfield County next year. I was really digging the swirly design!

  1. Robin Dini

    great idea guys. This is totally up your alley!

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