September 4, 2015

Justin & Mary Life: What’s Been Happening Lately

ItalyAnniversarySession-2796-2Happy Friday friends! For today’s post, I thought I’d catch you up on a little bit of our life & what it looks like lately! So here are five things that have been going on! (Photo Credit: the amazing Nadia Meli)

1) Shockingly enough, we are not running around in lace dresses & tuxes. In fact, I wore something other than yoga pants two days in a row this week and I was super proud of myself! (Holla!)

2) I’ve been sending some scary BIG emails lately that have nothing to do with wedding photography…and it’s like this beautiful mix of terror and exhilaration.

3) The album Simple Gospel has been on repeat as I just try to BREATHE through all the stuff that has to get done this month

4) Save the world movies on our couch are mine & Justin’s favorite date night…most recently Air Force One (get off my plane!!) 

5) We are speaking at FOUR conferences over the next two months…so I can be seen at any point in the day pacing around our living room, talking to myself & looking like a crazy person. I’m pretty sure the neighbors are concerned!

Ok so what about YOU?? What’s new in life lately?? Do we have any of those in common?

  1. Lauren R Swann

    Oh my word!! I LOVE Air Force One… and Executive Decision!! Such epic movies!!

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