January 14, 2016

Justin & Mary Present: The Event The Recap Post!!


Oh man, it has taken me DAYS to try to put into one post everything that this one day in DC was. The Event started as a question of “what would happen if we asked some of the brightest, most world-shaking leaders in our industry to come share a stage together for one powerhouse day to change lives.” What would happen? What would happen to people’s businesses…to their families….to their hearts and the legacies they are building, if we could come alongside them and lift them up in every. single. area. of their business in just one day. What if we could set them on FIRE? What if we could help them be BRAVE and say out loud “this is what I want for my one wild & precious life”? And then what if we could give them the super practical steps to get there  to make this the year that changes everything for them? It started with a question.

The truth is, we are SO lucky to call some of the most incredible leaders in this industry some of our closest friends. We are blessed on the daily by them sharing their gifts and creative genius and brilliant business minds with us. And we just wanted to find a way to share that with others too. That’s why we are SO thankful to Katelyn James, Natalie Franke, Jenna Kutcher, Hope Taylor, Abby Grace, Jen Olmstead, Ashley Scobey & Elle Danielle for coming and absolutely pouring their HEARTS out for these attendees and setting that stage on fire all. day. long. I think it’s pretty clear that this event would have been nothing without them. To all of you ladies, I just want you to know that I am thankful for how you lead and I am in awe of what you stand for. And it is an honor to stand beside you and pour it all out in the name of moving others forward.

And I can honestly say that even after MONTHS of planning & dreaming what this day would be like…the real thing was SO much better! Over 200 photographers packed The Fillmore and the energy in the room was just crazy. And one by one, as every speaker took the stage, they just blew the roof off that place! I can tell you that I have NEVER had the honor of being part of a line up like this where every single talk was just GOLD! Fire and gold, just how we love it! And the response is already blowing us away! If you want to see just a glimpse, just scroll through the hashtag #justinandmarytheevent and see all the incredible things people are saying, and even more importantly, already DOING in their business as a result of this incredible day! It makes every last bit of the work, so totally worth it!

Here is just a small recap of everything that went down that day, along with some of our favorite quotes of what attendees are already saying! **AND, if you couldn’t be there to join us at The Event in person…get EXCITED! We have something coming just for YOU early next week!!

**And of course a HUGE thanks to all of our AMAZING sponsors who helped make The Event possible! ShootProof // Pixifi // Tonic // Showit // Creative at Heart // Dear Sweetheart Events // Intrigue Events // The Burlap Booth // We Are The Mitchells // Profoto

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“Justin & Mary, thank you so so so much for putting this whole event together today! I walked away with a confidence in things that I didn’t even know I needed. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my day than learning from some of the best in our industry. I know you’ll get it a lot, but truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m ready to kickstart my business in ways I never thought I’d be able to!” -Chelsea Blanch



We led off the day with all the speakers cheering for the attendees as they entered the building! And there were a LOT of hugs….what can I say, I’m a HUGGER! :)



“Thank you, thank you, thank you Justin & Mary!!!!! Today was as amazing and inspiring as I had thought it would be. All of you speakers rocked and I connected with and took things away from each one of you! You’re truly amazing people! Much love and respect to you!!”- Mackenzie Crisp


I opened with these words. “Hold up those lies you’ve been speaking over your life. Can’t you feel the weight of them? That’s not the paper or the notebook, that’s the heaviness of CAN’T in your life. And the longer you hold on to it, the heavier it becomes.”

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Sooooo, you could say I’m a bit animated when I talk. Ahhh the many faces of Mary!!


Here is where I demonstrated how to be a 90s DJ! Drop the beat!


“I’ve really had to digest the ten hours of content I took in at #justinandmarytheevent this Tuesday. As I was expecting, I learned so many practical tips which I’ve already started applying to my business. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was the overwhelmingly uplifting messages from so many of these women. They are so passionate about not only helping others grow their business, but also helping them cultivate healthy and God-glorifying lives. Gals, Jesus is shining brightly through you. Thanks for your bravery.” -Mackenzie Leigh


Justin was like SUPERMAN all day long! He was in like 20 places at once making sure everything came off without a hitch!



“Oh. My. Goodness. Yes the pauses in that sentence were completely necessary! The Event was AMAZING!! Not only getting to see these phenomenal photographers outside of their pretty Instagram squares was encouraging enough on it’s own but getting to soak in all their wisdom was incredible. My favorite part about The Event was the focus each speaker had on making sure we fill ourselves up as PEOPLE, not just photographers. To remember the spirit of why we started, what we stand for. To not fall into a burnout that is almost impossible to get out of. We learned so many tips and tricks such as marketing advice, flash tactics, posing/gesturing and even knowing to say no to things that will not help our growth. I couldn’t possibly thank Justin & Mary Marantz enough for putting together this event with all of these amazing speakers!! Their willingness to share and enlighten others is so inspiring.” -Cassidy Mr.


Jen changed the way we all think about branding forever & Natalie reminded us that it’s not about the likes we have but the lives we change with her game-changing talk on cutting edge marketing.



“The Event. Let me tell you it was THEEEE Event to be at. If you ever needed a full day kick in the butt kind of event to get yourself going, this was it. I didn’t know what I was going into but by the time it was over, I left with a notebook full of notes and quotes (even little drawings and diagrams), photos with friends from the photobooth, the feeling of happiness getting to meet new friends and hug the old ones, and feeling grateful to be able to do what I am meant to do and dangit, I’m going to be OK. You can see that my mind was blown. I can’t wait to kick my butt into high gear and implement new things into my business and make it better.” -Brett Denfeld




More hugging. LOTS more hugging! Ohhhh how I just LOVE every one of these women!


My girl Abby, brought the house down by giving us all permission to say No to guilt, fear, and things born purely out of obligation and YES to our faith, family and what matters most.



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Hope, who is only 19 and absolutely rocking out the senior market, talked about the fast-track business and how to build a THRIVING business in just one year. But even more than that, she talked about bullying and critics…and proving them all wrong. She blew us ALL away!


“Seriously my heart, soul, mind.. Everything is so full after #justinandmarytheevent today!! All of the speakers were so empowering, encouraging and most of all real and genuine! I am so excited for 2016!!!” -Brittany York

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Justin rocking out the lighting portion of the day!!

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“Started 2016 attending The Event. Left with the boldness to grow in faith, love, & community; permission to be “me” in my social media & marketing; and with a list of actionable tools to enhance my business. Thank you @marymarantz for breathing soul back into my life & @justinmarantz for bringing light. Seriously, who doesn’t want to learn lighting from Justin Marantz?!?” -Erin Tetterton



Photo booth break, courtesy of our friends at The Burlap Booth!!


And then it was time for me to teach all things Posing….apparently, starting with what NOT to do!!


Speaking tip: if you use your hands dramatically, it makes you look more persuasive! :) :)

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Ashley taught us all how to build a workflow that gets us our LIFE back, and how to spend time building the dream rather than being buried under it


Elle rocked the house with SUCH invaluable information on the legal side of running our business and how to make sure we’re protected!


And ohhhh man, we ended with these two POWERHOUSES!!! First with Jenna blowing the roof off with creating success on your OWN terms and not being afraid to just be real. And then Katelyn telling us where to go from here with how to make micro changes that will give you MACRO results!


“What an AMAZING day. I never thought I could learn so much in just 10 hours from so many amazing industry leaders. Hearing the genuine hearts of these fabulously talented people was a total honor. Twelve pages of notes and a few sniffly noses later, I’m so happy to have attended and been so encouraged and empowered at #justinandmarytheevent I’m going home ready to change.” -Ashley Crutcher

View More: http://wearethemitchells.pass.us/theevent


Me, getting all emotional closing us out.


“Words can not express how honored I am to attend The Event, learning from talented people in our industry. Today has been an eye opener for me; I learned so much about my self, personally and my business. This is the year for change. This is the year of doing. Here’s to 2016 and all the good things to come!” -Vanessa Marie




“Today was incredible, amazing, emotional, informational. I can go on for HOURS. I have learned so much and am so so inspired to jumpstart 2016 with a clear mind and an attitude to give this business a well deserved face lift!  So many heartfelt THANK YOU’S going out to all of the speakers today. The event was one I’ll remember forever!!” -Ellet Photography


View More: http://wearethemitchells.pass.us/theevent

And more fun in The Burlap Booth!2016-01-13_0085

Ahhh what an incredible day!! **And for all of you who couldn’t make it, be sure to stay tuned next week for an EXCITING announcement we have just for you! You WON’T want to miss it!

  1. Michele

    You two are truly wonderful.

  2. Abby Grace

    The Event was seriously one of the coolest days I’ve ever experienced as a photographer. J&M, thank you SO, so much for boldly pursuing a dream that will no doubt carry a lasting ripple effect in all of our businesses for years to come!

  3. Spring

    looks like the best day!!!! so sad to have missed it and can’t wait to hear what you’ve got for all of us who couldn’t make it… that photo of ashley above makes me think i have an idea ;)

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