March 9, 2015

Justin’s Light Stand Caddy

Yesterday, Justin was cleaning out his office and decided he was tired of never having anywhere dedicated to putting his light stands and them only laying around on the floor. He couldn’t find a good solution online….so being the crafty fella that he is, he decided to build his own! He posted the final result on Instagram yesterday and he got a TON of requests for the plans. So we decided to share them here today! We hope they help & if you end up building your own, definitely send us a picture! We’d love to see!


Tools Needed
Table saw (or get the long pieces cut at Home Depot and use a Sliding Miter Saw for any cuts smaller than 12”) //(2) 90 degree clamps //Cordless Drill //Cordless Driver //Countersink Drill Bit //Carpenter’s Square //T Square //Tape Measure //Pencil
Materials Needed
1/2” Birch Plywood (1 4×8’ sheet will be plenty with some to spare) //30-50 1” #8 Screws (I prefer the spax screws) //(16) #10 1/2” screws for the casters //(4) 2” Swivel Casters //Wood Glue //Sandpaper 60-100 grit
Exterior Dimensions (Build to suit your needs)
Mine were 31” long X 11”wide x11” tall (if I were to build it again it would be at least 16” tall so the stands don’t lean as much)
Step 1: Cutting the Plywood
Using a Table Saw
Make cuts for the 4 sides
(2) 11×11 panels
(2) 29.5”x11” panels
Make cut for base
(1) 31”x 11”
Make cuts for interior dividers
(4 or 5) 9.5”x11”
Step 2:  Assemble the Sides of the Box
Spread a nice light bead of wood glue on the edge that butts up to the facing side
Insert one long and one short side into the 90 degree clamps and clamp tight.
Check the for square with the Carpenter’s square
Drill 3 or 4 pilot holes with the Drill and Countersink bit
Drive 3 or 4 1” #8 screws to fasten the two sides.  Tight, but not too tight
Repeat for each corner
 -Tip:  The more 90 degree clamps the easier this is!  I have 2, but 4 would be ideal.
Step 3:  Assemble the Base
Once your sides are attached and square flip the box to attach the base to the bottom
Check alignment first, then spread a light bead of wood glue along the end-grain of the sides
Drill 3-5 pilot holes with the Drill and Countersink bit along each side
Drive 3-5 1” #8 screws to fasten the base to each of the sides
Step 4:  Insert & Assemble the Dividers
Flip the box onto its base and layout the interior divider panels to suit your needs (test with light stands and other equipment)
Mark the placement of each divider with a pencil.
For each panel, spread a bead of glue, insert them into the box, drill 3 pilot holes, and fasten with screws.
 – tip:  use the Carpenter’s Square or T-Square to mark each pilot hole so they hit the divider and not miss.
Once the box is complete, give it a nice sanding to remove any rough edges or sides.
If you want to add a finish or stain to it, this is the time.
Step 5: Attach the Casters
When you’re finished, flip the box onto it’s top.
Align the 4 casters along the base aprox. 1” inside each edge of the box.
Fasten each caster with (4) 1/2” screws with the Driver
Step 6: Load it up with all of those clunky stands, umbrellas, and accessories
Step 7:  Post a picture of your finished Stand Caddy on Instagram and tag @justinmarantz & @marymarantz so we can see how you did!!
  1. Brittany

    LOVE this. Just sent in my app for a studio space so this will come in super handy for backdrops and stands.

  2. Rici

    very cool!!

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