June 30, 2009

Killer Details: Just Get to Me

Well an airplane’s faster than a Cadillac,
And a whole lot smoother than a camel’s back
But I don’t care how you get to me, Just get to me
Parasail or first class mail, Get on the back of a Nightingale
Just get to me I don’t care just get to me

Prokeds, mopeds take a limousine instead
They ain’t cheap but they’re easy to find
Get on the highway point yourself my way
Take a roller coaster that comes in sideways
Just get to me – yeah

Go on hitch a ride on the back of a butterfly
There’s no better way to fly
To get to me
I look around at what I got
And without you, it ain’t a lot
But I got every, with you, everything

And now, the much anticipated details of Suzanne & Justin!!! :) Because these two LOVE to travel (I mean Suzanne is in SLOVENIA right now, for goodness sake!), their theme just had to be centered around that! So they incorporated all these different ways to travel and it reminded me VERY much of the awesome Train song, “Just Get to Me.”

***We’re also SUPER excited that Suzanne & Justin are being featured on Style Me Pretty‘s Little Black Book Blog today!! (Try saying that three times fast!!)

Their table settings were GORGEOUS! I LOVE the linens! And look how cool the little flower tied to the vase is. Super huge shout out to Mary Voigt of A Floral Affair for totally rockin out all the flowers!! Look how pretty!

The caterers, Sodexo, did an INCREDIBLE job. We just can’t recommend them highly enough. The tables were stunning, the food was incredible, and they were looking out for us and making sure we were fed all night long. The only thing is that these guys actually specialize in corporate events, and don’t really usually do weddings. But maybe if you call and ask really, really nicely they might change their minds!! :)

And then, did I mention there were cupcakes? Like a LOT of them? And that they were PHENOMENAL? Suzanne, Justin, and each of their mom’s all got to pick their favorite flavor, and then they had one that was named the “compromise”. LOL! Special thanks to Felicia’s Sweetface Pastry Shoppe for giving me something to dream about for the next few months!!


Yum. Yum. and YUM.

Did I mention there was an ice cream station? No? Well, there WAS!!!

Check out the super cute place cards with all the drawings on them!!

Can’t go wrong with a mini-cheeseburger!

A Floral Affair did a beautiful job on Suzanne’s bouquet and all the centerpieces! Love those delicate little purple flowers!

Blue hydrangea are the greatest things ever created. The end.

Love all the little fireplaces in The Branford House!

And the ginormous one too!!

This was cuteness to the nth degree. Because there were a lot of kids at the wedding, Suzanne & Justin had these little lawn games for them to play with. How cute are these two?!

  1. tara

    KILLER details you guys! Love the shots of the fireplaces. And those cupcakes look yummmmy!

  2. Michelle Sidles

    Wherever this is… that’s where I want to live. And I want there to be cupcakes and mini cheeseburgers. ;)

  3. GrayPhotography - Zach & Jody

    Ah! You captured these details SO well! I love the eye that you two have. – JG

  4. Alisa Greig

    Oh my goodness, your amazing shots of the details make this look like the BEST wedding ever!!! I especially like the cupcake shots, so colorful and heavenly–wish I was there!

  5. Zach Gray

    So, at what point do you guys sleep? You are going to need a SUPER vacation soon!!

  6. Liz Kausteklis

    Wonderful detail pictures :) So beautiful!

  7. Lacy Dagerath

    Justin & Mary! You guys have got to forgive me!! I always read via my rss feed…and forget to leave a comment…but EVERYtime…I am thinking…wow… thats good! OHH Thats BEAUTIFUL!… OHH! AHH! haha.. and THESE are exceptional!! LOVE love LOVE these details/shots!! You guys are brilliant! I promise to be better about leaving comments!! :D They are definitely deserved! :D

  8. Elizabeth

    Oh wow. Absolutely fabulous details and oh my Gosh, I can’t stop drooling over the cake bar… so beautiful. Thanks for posting these GREAT pictures!!!

  9. Cristen

    Amazing!!! Not only are the details amazing, but the angles you caputred them are beautiful!!

  10. J&M

    Thanks guys!! You all are the BEST!!! :) :)

  11. Christa

    Love the colours. Your detail shots rock!

  12. Lauri

    Wow, incredible job capturing all these details! These are AMAZING! I love the little glass cupcake holders, and the tables are gorgeous!!

  13. Amy Clifton

    I always love your details posts! Question: when are you getting these shots? Looks like it’s before the guests arrive into the reception venue, but I can’t tell! Anyway, these details and your images are gorgeous! And I agree–blue hydrangeas are the perfect flower. :-)

  14. MM

    @Amy: yep, we got most of these before the guests got there. It helped that she was getting ready at the location so we were there while they were setting up! I also snuck back in for a second during the ceremony (Justin & Julia had it covered!) to snag some things as they put the final touches on right before cocktail hour.

  15. MM

    actually, I just looked back through and about half were before guests were there…like all of the table stuff. But most of the food/wine stuff was during cocktail hour & dinner so that was a little more challenging.

  16. Yuka photo art

    Wow guys, you were lacky :-) These details are amazingly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all these photographs!

  17. Amy Clifton

    Thanks Mary!

  18. Katherine Bowman

    Wow, Beautiful! :)

  19. jeramy

    love the cork place card holders!

  20. Danielle Fuller

    Love these details. Great summer colors. And I just want to say that…..Bean bag toss is NOT a kiddie game. It is serious business in some parts of the country…LOL :) (no seriously, they have tournements and what not…no I’m not a member)

  21. Feuza

    Wish I was at this wedding right now- Beautiful shots!

  22. Ray

    Beautiful table settings and flowers. And the cupcakes do like very YUMMY! Mmmm. =P I wish I was at that wedding.

  23. robin dini

    yum to all of it!!! the end :)

    yeah, floral affair knows how to rock it.

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