October 18, 2010

Kristin & Bill (Part II) is coming!

So it turns out Part II is taking longer than we thought to narrow down (definitely a good thing!) But here’s another little sneak peek to tide you over and we hope to have Part II up soon! Stay tuned!

  1. joan solitario

    i know what you mean about having a hard time narrowing down your favorites :D

    great teaser!!

  2. Kristin

    woot woot! raise the roof! off the hizzle fo shizzle!!! (man I am such a dork)

  3. Erin

    Can’t wait!!! These pics are stunning, like living the whole day over again!

  4. Allie

    I would TOTALLY canvas that photo…love it. Can’t wait to see what other goodness you guys captured that day :)

  5. Chelsea Patricia

    Mmmmm, perfect shot!

  6. Jakki

    Gorgeous! I almost ALMOST am satisfied with not seeing anything else

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