January 20, 2010

La Florida!!

If we were handing out senior superlatives for all of our stops, Jacksonville would most definitely be voted “Most Determined.” More than half the people there drove over three hours to make it. Several people traveled 5 or 6 hours to join us. And one person actually got up at 4am to be able to attend! DETERMINED! This was a room full of doers, and I couldn’t have been prouder!

Yea….we talk about a lot of emotional stuff in Spread the Love. I’ve been known to break down a little bit. Thank you guys for always bearing with me.

You have to be the CAN in your life, because there will always be an abundance of people willing to tell you you CAN’T.

A HUGE Floridian thank you goes out to Dana Goodson for hooking us up with this incredible space and organizing everything for us. Dana you are the bomb!! :)

After an amazing, emotional Jacksonville Spread the Love, we awoke this morning with our tanks…and hearts full. But after two days in a row of standing on our feet for 6 hours at a time, our bodies were not doing quite as well. The travel has begun to take it’s toll…so we figured we’d better take advantage of all the resources available to us and hit up the Fountain of Youth since we were here and all. Y’know….just in case it actually works! Hey, my crows feet will thank me!

Gettin jiggy with Ponce de Leon. Got a lil Captain in ya?

So at the fountain of youth there are peacocks roaming around free. It’s how I’d always imagined it really. Justin & Shyla get up close and personal with our new feathered friends.

Helloooooo beautifull!

Where my girls at? Right here beside me.

St. Augustine is BEAUTIFUL! And the weather is glorious. Yea, that’s it….glorious.

After we locked down everlasting youth, it seemed like a good time to eat again. :) So we hit up Aviles Street for some Cuban brunch. Bruncho Cubano if you will.

Where it is perfectly normal to drink sangria at 11 in the morning and the beans & rice were to die for. Maybe the best breakfast ever. No…..EVAH. The guava & cream cheese empanadas are my idea of heaven. Well, maybe a few more angels. But other than that, it was spot on.

I love you in St. Augustine.

On to Texas! Bring on Texas! Don’t mess with Texas!

In search of cowboy hats,

  1. Nicole

    Awwww..love this!! Looks like the FL was treating you well and it is absolutely ok to Sangria (yup, thats a verb) at 11a.. oxox

  2. Chelsea McGowan

    Can’t wait to see you here in the Big D! I’ve been checking my email obsessively waiting for the tickets to come in before we leave town!

  3. Elisabeth Carol

    Yay!! can’t wait to see you in texas!!

  4. sarah

    the best part about traveling is the food, hands down.

    it seems you’re having a whole lot of fun!

  5. Jacob Bergmeier / NoDo Photography

    SOOO Cool that you got to see the Fountain of Youth! I am getting more and more excited to hear about your adventures when you get home!

  6. jackie g. photog

    ditto chelsea! i’m getting super excited!

  7. Rachel & Terry

    LOVE the peacocks! :)

  8. feuza

    Love the Last picture!!! what fun, rest up, oh Mary just give some talking over to Justin and rest your voice :-)

  9. Brandon M Sweet

    Love the food shots :) They are super pretty.

  10. Jenn Hopkins

    My heart is still broken I couldnt make it. I came down with the flu the night before :-( so sad.

  11. Corinna Hoffman

    I’m glad ya’ll stop by in Jacksonville/St. Augustine :) Thank you for rocking our worlds that night! Left on fire that night, and that’s still burning! Great stuff, Justin and Mary :)

    Haha, I love how there’s a picture of me with all my crazy notes on the notepad ;-) Told ya, got lots of info that night!!

    PS-I’m glad ya’ll take the time to enjoy St. Augustine also! :)

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