May 15, 2015

Lancaster Lighting Intensive Recap


On Tuesday we had the HUGE honor of getting to teach our J&M Lighting Intensive workshop to a packed house at the Eicher Art Center in Lancaster, PA. What an incredible group! They all came with huge hearts, a willingness to learn and a TON of questions. Just how we like it!

To top it off, we had our friends Brittney & Mike Kreider on hand who helped organize the whole event and are the reason we were able to come to town (LOVE those guys!!) as well as our sweet & beautiful friend Caroline Logan who was our “bride” model for the day! Seriously, when I went upstairs to get her and saw her all dressed up this way, I immediately got all teary eyed! You would have thought it was the real day or something! I can’t WAIT to see her as a real bride someday. Caroline, it was amazing having you as an official #justinandmarybride for the day! We LOVE you, beautiful girl!

One of my favorite parts about this workshop is showing people that they can still get beautiful portraits no matter where they are, because they bring the light. A LOT of people can go outside during a warm “golden hour” sunset in a beautiful, sweeping location with a ton of time to shoot and get pretty pictures. Hey, we love shooting in that kind of situation too! But what happens if it’s pouring outside (or snowing and too cold…or for you Texas folks, too HOT….or the timeline ran late and now it’s DARK…or the outside of the venue is a parking lot). What then? This is where we separate the wheat from the chaff, friends!

And the people who have taken the time to study and get better at their craft no matter the situation, those are the people who are going to continue to rise and elevate in their market no matter how saturated. Those are the people who are going to be able to continue to deliver for their clients no matter what. This is the kind of thing that is a GAME CHANGER because it can separate someone from the pack even in the most saturated market even more than any kind of marketing or branding ever could (as important as those things are! and they are!). Because anyone can have a pretty brand or do online marketing (and most of us do!) But it is the rare few who will do the hard work to get better in the things that don’t start off pretty or easy.

But if you can understand light in the kind of way where you can make beautiful portraits even in front of a terrible white wall (you can see what we were working with at the bottom of this post!), then you can go into every wedding day knowing that you can make beauty and art in whatever situation is handed to you. And that’s powerful. And it changes things.

So here’s to bringing the light!









Annnnnd THIS is the wall we were working with! Yikes! :)


*PS: If you want more help with your lighting & to be able to work on it at your own pace from the comfort of your home, be sure to check out our J&M Lighting Guide for all of our lighting info!

*PPS: If you are more of a hands on/visual learner and need someone right there with you walking you through it step by step, then our J&M Lighting Intensive workshop is for you! We have dates coming up in Virginia, Ohio & Arizona! And we have just announced payment plans where you can lock in your seat today for just $275!!

**For all our resources, check out our new J&M Store!!


  1. Sarah H.

    I cannot WAIT to see y’all again at the VA lighting WS, Hurry up june!

  2. Jennifer

    I so wish I could afford to come to one of these! Someday…

  3. Caroline Logan

    This was such a sweet day I’ll always remember! Seeing you and Justin pour EVERYTHING into teaching hour after hour after hour never gets old. Always amazed at the giving hearts you both have. So grateful for that example and the way it’s blessed me through the years! Love you guys big time!!

  4. Liz


    I love your lighting workshop series and can’t wait to attend it! Hopefully in the next year or so :)

    What was these photos lit with? Speedlights or the Profoto B2? Would love to know!

    Thank you.

  5. admin

    @Liz They were mostly shot with the b2 in a large umbrella!

  6. Deb Kepiro

    Thanks again for an amazing workshop! This workshop is a game changer…. so glad that I attended! You guys held nothing back…. Thanks!!!

  7. Nikki Santerre

    Oh my gosh, seeing Caroline as a bride is beautiful and surreal! These are stunning!

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