November 16, 2009

Laughing at the Storm

Ok….so here is a little known fact that I hope none of you have ever had to discover before. See, apparently when your inbox goes over 100,000 emails it goes from saying the number to just saying “Lots.” LOL!!

I guess it just goes to show you that when the rain is coming down and the waves are crashing all around you, life just has a way of throwing a little humor into the mix to remind you that’s it’s ok to laugh at the storm.

Good grief!

  1. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    "Lots" …. seriouslY?!!?!??? OH MY! My e-mail is starting to feel better about itself!

  2. Jody Gray

    100,000 emails? Sheesh! I think you guys need to clean out your inbox :)

  3. MM

    @Jody: ummmm…..we’re TRYING!! :)

  4. Amanda Rae

    That is hilarious! I don’t envy you guys right now.

  5. Cassie Olimb

    Haha! That made me laugh alot! Another reason to love Macs!

  6. Amanda Herzberger

    I love that Apple has a sense of humor :) Good luck my friends….good luck!

  7. alice

    Thanks for letting giving us a laugh, even though I know that email glitch must have been a huge pain in the rear!

  8. gina amin

    I wonder if there is a glitch in the system because I got a confirmation email yesterday from you guys yesterday about my writing to you but I haven’t written to you guys. I have in the past and you guys were so gracious but this last one has me baffled. I thought I would write it here since you probably wont’ be getting to my email any time soon from the looks of it :)!

  9. Katelyn James

    oh i love apple for that. :) I’m so so sorry.

  10. Anna Sawin

    So THAT must have something to do with why I’ve gotten two auto-responders to emails from like last January! :) My sympathies, especially for two people who work so hard to get to ZERO on the inbox–that would be my personal HELL to see that number! Get well soon, Mac mail!

  11. gina amin

    oh feel like a dummy, I see that you already know about the prob! Sorry, I posted more crap you have to read!! :)

  12. Jeff

    That’s HILARIOUS!

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