January 7, 2010

Le Chambord Inn Wedding: Alison & Jeremiah (Part II)

So here’s the thing. I believe that anytime someone is willing to stand out in the storm for what they believe in, this world has a way of returning to them so much more than they ever gave up. For it is always true that the earth shines a little brighter after the rain. That the color is a littler truer. That the past is washed away and all that’s left is the here and now.

So here’s to the storms. Because they somehow make everything more beautiful.

Love love LOOOOOOOVE these umbrellas from bella umbrellas! I think this shot is going in our new studio!

Ali you are perfection! And Jeremiah, you’re pretty darn good yourself!! :)

I adore this shot Justin got! I think I’ll marry him all over again just for this!

So now you’ll begin to understand just how important that tree was to them. When we got to the reception, the killer tree details were everywhere. Like this pocket watch that Ali got for J.

And their guest book…..

And their CAKE!! LOVE it!

First Dance


The End.

  1. Alison Green

    Thank you! I love the photo of Aimee (she is sooo beautiful). And my husband is smokin’ hot! All the photos are fantastic! <3

  2. Lynette

    I just have to say…these women are the most gorgeous bridesmaids I have ever seen. What a beautiful wedding!

  3. Krista Photography

    Ah! That’s the coolest cake, ever!!

  4. sarah

    it’s official- every wedding party needs to carry around umbrellas.

  5. john pascale

    Ok, those detail shots are amazing and yes, the shot at the tree rocks!

  6. Ray

    OMG, I LOVE their cake!!! So awesome and I love the guy and girl figures embracing. Sweet! Love the umbrella shots. And that last shot is great. =o)

  7. imthiaz houseman

    beautiful wedding. the umbrella’s are killer and i love their cake.

  8. Ashley

    You have so much talent to see the beautiful things in life! I love what you captured on this day. If I were the bride, I would be thrilled with how you made a rainy day look!

  9. feuza

    that married shot is hot! I mean like it really sums up the day and photo so well! love it

  10. Eliane Filho

    There’s not much to say but … WOW … Amazing Shots You Guys ROCK :) Blesses

  11. Emily

    Oh how I LOVE the umbrellas!!

  12. Jil

    love it all… esp the last shot!

  13. Jennifer Brotchie

    soo beautiful! wow!

  14. maggieb

    oh! yes! I have been waiting for this tree of life and love wedding post! The couple, their guests, and their photographers made the cold wet rain a luscious warm gift. Blessed rain. Blessed couple.

  15. Brandon M Sweet

    Wow! Can I say amazing!?! I love those shots! And her hair is just absolutely beautiful!

    -Brandon M Sweet

  16. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    WOAH!!!!!! That first image is UN-BELIEVABLE!!!!!!

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