April 4, 2011

Life Among the Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday before we left DC, we took time to slow down. To breathe. And to smell the proverbial roses…or cherry blossoms as the case may be. We packed a lunch and we brought our cameras. And we documented life. Together. I hope you enjoy.


  1. Sarah Danaher

    you were in my city. that makes me happy. =)

  2. sharon elizabeth photography

    this made me smile… big! =D

  3. Alicia Candelora

    You are beautiful beyond words :)

  4. ashley barnett

    Aww Cooper got to come play! He is definitely smiling in his picture :) Mary your cardigan is adorable!

  5. Samantha Harkins

    Love these – especially the one of Justin and Cooper. Lovely shots!

  6. Chelsea McGowan

    I own that sweater, and wear it often. You look STUNNING my friend!

  7. dawn beirnes

    these are beautiful! You guys are awesome, and I loved seeing Cooper!

  8. Julia A.

    What a beautiful family :)

  9. Gail

    Ahhhh…it’s like spring just erupted on your blog!

  10. Meredith

    So lovely! And the fact that Cooper was there, pretty much melted my heart. Michael & I are headed down this weekend- fingers crossed the blossoms are still blooming!

  11. candace

    how beautiful!!! I love these…. and your cardigan!! Where did you get it? It’s awesome!! :)

  12. Deborah Zoe

    yaayyy Coops made an appearance on the blog:):)

  13. chesley

    Beautiful! You guys look amazing!

  14. Alison

    Oh it looks so warm and green! So glad to see all three of you taking time to capture your own life and enjoy yourselves.

  15. amy

    I love love love these! I especially love your necklace, as I have the same one and never take it off. :)

  16. Tira J

    Beautiful! And I love that you are living LIFE together!!!

  17. Kristin Nicole

    So cute!

  18. Kristin Nicole

    So cute!

  19. Brigid

    You guys are too cute!! Love this whole set!!

  20. Abra Michelle

    Oh Mary! You look good in color. I’ve gotten used to seeing you in all black. Love the peachy pink on you.

  21. Ashley Terry


  22. Mary C - Lemon Fresh Designs Photography

    Beautiful post. So inspiring to see spring that is hopefully around the corner for us. I’m in Toronto, so it can’t be too far!

  23. regina holder

    the photos with cooper MUST go in frames in your home! <3

  24. Katie Hanson

    yay! so glad you got to relax and enjoy the blossoms! we had a great time with you guys!!!

  25. katie B

    in love!!

  26. Cathy Crawley

    So so pretty! Love the shot of Mary and Cooper!

  27. Jil

    and the pup!! what a beautiful family :o)

  28. Jacob Bergmeeir

    Cheers to moments and smelling the roses.

  29. Dominique

    These are so beautiful. Love the colours. I need to get a good portrait of me with my Golden Retriever Toffee!

  30. Linda Kuo

    You guys ARE Spring!!!

  31. Caitlin

    just what I needed on a dreary rainy morning…signs of spring! Am in love with the one of Mary and Cooper, you both look so happy. Gorgeous photos.

  32. Nichole

    Great shots. You guys look happy. Glad to see you were able to take some time to yourselves for a bit and just enjoy it :)

  33. Lydia

    You’re beautiful, Mary!

  34. grandmaIna

    You made my day! Those pictures were gorgeous and turned the sunshine on.

  35. Kristin

    The hair flower and sweater were perfecto for this setting!

  36. cristina sullivan

    Love this!!! You are so beautiful Mary. and great shots as always!

  37. Bethany

    I was there Sunday, too!! Your pictures of course are much more fabulous than mine.. :)

  38. Jason and Amy

    These are really beautiful guys! What a beautiful day for pictures together! I am so jealous of your early spring. We’re about a month behind in Mn.

  39. Karen Shinkins

    Work those jeans and knee-highs girl.

  40. Ray

    Wowzers! Gorgeous photos. You guys are just too cute for your own good! =D Glad you had such a nice time, before leaving to DC. ;o)

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