August 31, 2012

Life Gets Messy

Sometimes life gets messy.

The dishes pile up. The dark wood floors always seem to be dirty. You come home from a trip and find out that banana you left on the counter has now given you an overabundance of fruit fly house guests.

Who overstay their welcome, leave their dirty towels on the bathroom floor, and drink too much of your chardonnay.

Yesterday I instagrammed this picture and called it the sweetness of home. It’s some white wine from a local vineyard, an organic tomato, mozzarella & basil caprese salad, and it’s all styled very nicely on our Vanity Fair- The Portraits book. Y’know.. as you do. Because I always eat my salads off of coffee table books. Clearly.

Yes, if I didn’t know me, I would think I was very hip indeed. :)

But the truth is, first we had to wash some dishes so we had anything clean to eat off of. Then for about the third time this week, a fruit fly landed in my chardonnay (which like I joked the first time, I guess made it just a little bit ironic. But suddenly the joke and the fly aren’t so funny anymore). And finally when we started to eat the salad, we realized that the mozzarella had gone off. Like, really?? WHO does that happen to? I’m pretty certain, Giada would NOT be proud of this one.

To add to it, this week Cooper was shedding like crazy (I mean let’s be clear, he sheds like crazy all year long. But twice a year…..twice a year, it looks like something straight out of that scene in Gremlins when Gizmo gets water spilled on him. I’m pretty sure we could make three entire new full grown dogs out of the tumbleweeds rolling around on our floor. Those of you with goldens will understand). While we were in Chicago we got a call from Justin’s parents that Cooper really wasn’t feeling well and was breaking out in these “hot spots” that he gets pretty often when he sheds like that. But these ones were especially bad and he had a temperature and wasn’t eating, so they rushed him to the vet. Who did what he was supposed to do, and gave him medicine and shaved him down. Except that because the hot spots were especially bad this time, he had to shave a lot of him. Like a LOT lot of him. Like the whole bottom half of him. So the story is, we came home to poor puppy who looked a lot like this :)

And not only does he look like that, he’s totally acting like that too. He’s completely embarrassed like Daffy Duck without feathers or Donald Duck when he loses his towel (even though he’s never wearing pants the rest of the time anyway….doesn’t he realize that??). And I really do expect him to stand up like that any minute and cross both paws in front of him. Nope, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened at all.

So yea, it’s safe to say yesterday was just one of those Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Days.

But you know what, such is the fabric of life. And just like Tootie told us…you take the good, you take the bad, you take it all and there you have.

And if I’m going to share all the really good things with you, then I need to share the bad too. Because it just isn’t real otherwise.

And after all anway who knows….today just might be one of the good ones. Here’s hoping!

Happy Friday y’all!

  1. Alison

    Those days serve to make sure we see the good in things. For the fruit flies- boiling vinegar down the drains (the dang things go down there!) and balsamic vinegar in small bowls. Cover the bowls with saran rap and use a toothpick to poke holes in it. They fly in and can’t get out! Poor cooper!! Hope he is feeling fuzzy soon!

  2. Lauren Wakefield

    Poor Cooper. Goose sends him a get well sniff. And today is already great because of pumpkin spice obviously. :)

  3. Beria Charles

    Hi Mary! Your posts are always an inspiration. Fabulous pictures, beautiful events, so much good on it. But thanks for sharing this post. Life is, yes, hard sometimes and the difference is how you take the "real days" and make the most of it; be grateful for what you have and portray your happiness. Your bad day shared here is a lesson and also an again, inspiration. Being real you connect with so many of us like me, to send out the message that we are all humans looking for the beauty in cloud gray days. This way, we all will be ready for the sun to shine. ;.)

  4. ashley barnett

    Poor Cooper!!! Our Cooper has acne on his jowls- ACNE! He’s like an embarrassed teenage boy going through puberty, poor dude. I hope today is 1000x better and you find the freshest mozzarella known to man!

  5. Emilia Jane

    I always appreciate your honesty M! It was so good to see you this week. I hope your weekend just gets better. XXOO

  6. Sarah

    I have the golden tumbleweeds at my house, too. I keep thinking maybe my dog had puppies while I wasn’t looking. I clean them all up and then .. suddenly they reappear. I didn’t even see the dog walk through here! Where did they come from?? Ha ha .. you just have to have a sense of humor about it and lots of friends who are animal people. :)

  7. katie yuen

    I hope today is Infinitely Better than yesterday!

  8. betsy la vida

    Somehow it helps to know that we’re not alone in *that* feeling sometimes, right? I hear ya… laundry piled up, incessant heat and humidity, garbage disposal went out and couldn’t get a plumber out for two days (really?!). Sigh… I feel your pain. And I can’t stand those little fruit flies—they make me crazy!!! {especially if they’re landing in my chardonnay!}

  9. Jessica Frey

    Awww, isn’t it funny when *life* just happens? Thanks for sharing your balance of reality & awesome-ness traveling all in one real story :) Oh – and it’s 100 degrees here, definitely not cool enough for your pumpkin spice latte ;) j/k haha!

  10. Kandise

    Ha! You speak to me. I literally just finished a comment on another blog about the nature of positivity in social media, and how you have to share some of the bad with the good, otherwise it’s just not relatable. And then you post this. That’s why I like ya.

  11. Heather Beach

    I love these posts. They make me feel so much better about my old bananas and dirty dishes. I have a ginormous laundry pile that drives me crazy and now when I look at it, all busy and tired with no time to deal with it, I just shrug it off and think "Even Justin and Mary have a big laundry pile". (I loved that post of yours.) Its just laundry and dishes. We’re too busy chasing dreams and making memories – and those are the important things. Just don’t ring our doorbell without calling first. ;) Hope Cooper’s back to his old self soon!

  12. Jennelle

    And, if today is not a better day… Saturday definitely will be! Let’s Gooooo Mountaineers!!!

  13. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    Ha! Love this! My mozzarella went bad as well…I guess that’s what you get for buying Costco-sized packs of Mozzarella di Bufala! yummy…

  14. David Griffiths

    Aww, thanks for sharing Mary. Life can indeed be a messy, gorgeous, sprawling, stunning, smelly heap somedays. But the contrasts between the good and bad are often where life’s true beauty resides. Hope you all are having a better day today.

  15. Christa

    What is it with Golden’s shedding now? It’s almost Fall for goodness sakes…Boone has one hot spot that we’ve been keeping an eye on like crazy people. Poor Cooper, can’t imagine how he looks all shaved down. At least he’s feeling better :(

  16. Rachel McCloud

    thank you for being so honest and transparent. I hate fruit flies too.

  17. angela sackett

    how much do i love you for being really, totally, REAL?… thank you. :)

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