September 2, 2011

Life Happens: Chinese Food, Belly Rubs & Comfort in Rituals

It’s Friday morning. And we’ve already shot one wedding in our third triple header weekend of the year.

I woke up this morning and the calendar somehow stared back at me September 2nd. Not the 1st mind you….the 2nd. As if to tell me this month has already taken root. That I’m in this now. I’m committed. And as ever, time marches on.

I guess you could say life has been moving pretty fast.

We got in at around 2:30am last night, and Justin went right to work doing a final backup of our cards. While Cooper & I dug into the couch and turned on season seven of Wings. Joe & Helen were looking for a house. And I was so happy to be back home in mine.

I ate half a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and one reheated egg roll. Surprisingly, they went very well together…it may be the next big thing. And I gave Cooper an extra round of belly rubs and behind the ear scratches, just to make sure he knew he was loved.

This morning once Justin wakes up, we’ll go get brunch together. And we’ll order the same thing we always do. And nod approvingly at each other’s selections. Then we’ll come back here and get ready for our next two weddings…and one very full trip to Maine.

And somewhere among the gear packing and suitcase zipping, I’ll be grateful that amidst the chaos…life happens. With chinese food and belly rubs and taking comfort in the rituals. That life is always there in between.

And my friends, that’s a beautiful thing.

**Here’s a picture of Julia & I yesterday as were about to kick off this crazy weekend. As you can see, coffee was most definitely a necessity.

So tell me, what did your life in between look like this week? Those moments where, even though life might be crazy right now, you still felt like something was going very right. Those things that keep you grounded. Leave em in the comment box below, and we’ll be giving away another $10 starbucks card to one lucky commenter. Y’know, because coffee is most definitely a necessity right now!

  1. Maggie

    Our live in between looked a bit like this: A positive SURPRISE pregnancy test, nausea, editing photos for several clients, strange and sudden cravings for Chinese food and Mexican (simultaneously), and LOTS of snuggles with my soon to be big sister 2 year old daughter ;)

  2. Susannah

    our "life in between" moment came late last night after a full day’s work, 2 hours putting the finishing touches on the paint job to our guest room, and then assembling the bed…we snuck in an impromptu candlelight dinner, complete with the 2nd half of a bottle of wine that we already had in the fridge. and it was perfect.

    on another note, Mary you totally look like a cardboard cutout in this pic with the white table thing behind you and your perfect posture :)

  3. MM

    LOL! I love it! Maybe I’ll have one made! :)

  4. Kristin Nicole

    In the midst of a hectic day, taking a moment to sit in the in progress nursery and daydream about meeting our little girl

  5. Damian Battinelli

    In the car, driving to daycare, with the radio turned up a bit too loud, my 4yr old daughter yells to me, "Daddy!" "What honey?" I say looking in the rearview mirror. I see her with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind and that gorgeous smile say, "I love you."

  6. Jodie

    Don’t forget the #1 ritual of them all, finding time to sneak in a live feed of the Mountaineers!!!

  7. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    Well, I would have to say that I’m smack dab in the middle of a busy wedding season (my first as a second shooter), & last weekend, Megan Sorel flew in from Santa Barbara for a wedding in Mendocino county. Even though I wrecked someone’s car door at the airport pulling over to the curb to fetch her and even though the bride, groom, and famIly were frazzled and disorganized, we breezed through our looong three days together because we were centered and focussed. AND we packed our sense of humor and added a dash of grace. The mishaps were easily managed because we were firmly planted on the ground which meant we could enjoy the adventure for all the small moments in between.

  8. spring

    Last night after a long day of fighting with my slow computer I went home and curled up on the couch with Silas and Coby (the dog) and watched some Dexter- reminding myself that someone’s life is crazier then mine. And this morning I found myself giving into the fact that it is september and all the businesses are in full fall mode- I ate a pumpkin donut- and it was good. I also am very much looking forward to your visit to Maine :) XOXO

  9. Shefali Lindsey

    Definitely LOVE this post!!! And, totally hear you on the chaos and life happening. Story of Bryan and I’s life right now. But, somewhere in the middle of the chaos of this week, we celebrated in sparkling grape juice and frozen concretes to the good life we are living…now! :)

  10. Naomi Elle

    in between the new schedule (waking-up-at-3:45-am-daily!) and car drama and unpacking wedding gifts and editing photos and working full-time other jobs…. my new husband (of one month!) and I found time to snuggle on the couch, pull shoestrings out of our shoes and play with the kitty, grind coffee beans and enjoy some amazingly fresh coffee, kiss in the kitchen, read a book about LOVE together, text a million sweet things to each other, write love notes, continue with the secret-fist-bump that no one else understands… and love LIFE. :) <3

  11. Sandra Fazzino Photography

    MAN! I answered the question all wrong. Redo: My "moments in between" are hugs with my honey as soon as he comes home from work – that’s our thing: hugs and kisses for all departures and arrivals. Simple, healthy, delicious meals seated together at the dining table – no matter how hectic the day. And play time and snuggles with the kitties. And this week even a phone call into my gramps while on my way to a doctor’s appt to talk about Vermont and his memory of the last major storm when he was 5 yrs old in the late 1920’s.

  12. Heather Beach

    My sister-in-law really wanted a six-month photo session with her son, and even though my life is super busy right now I really wanted to make sure I set aside time to do them for her. The whole reason I got into photography in the first place was because I wanted my family to have beautiful photos of all the babies. She came over Wednesday afternoon and the sky was cloudy with a slight breeze so we made a last minute location change and headed to the beach for their session. It was *so* great to take a break from everything and spend a gorgeous day at the beach with family. At the end of the session her son fell asleep in her arms. She was so happy because "he never does that anymore." So, we spread out a blanket and listened to the waves while we talked and she cuddled with her son. It was an amazing way to spend one of the few last nice days of summer in Minnesota.
    Thanks for the great reminder to focus on the moments that matter!

  13. Noa

    My parents left back to Israel this week, after three weeks with us. It was absolutely heartbreaking…. Especially seeing aviv wail and ask for her Savta. The moments in between that kept me grounded this week, while we were all with heavy hearts, were the night time cuddles I enjoyed with Aviv. I took the extra time to rock her before bed, didn’t rush to get her tucked in so I could sneak downstairs for my own time off. I breathed in the scent of her freshly washed hair, felt her fingers curled around my hand, and just chatted with her about her first days of school. It was precious.

  14. Stephanie

    My second successful week of getting up early for coffee (so necessary!) some quiet time with God before work. I am not a morning person…but this time of solitude and reflection completely changes my outlook on the day!

  15. Lydia

    Life had so many sweet moments this week from meeting friends for lunch, delivering an album, and opening a new pack of business cards. It’s the simple things that keep me going and make life wonderful!

  16. Alison

    Congratulations Maggie (first comment) :) Life in between- hubby and I made the time between soccer and cheering and full time jobs on opposite shifts and growing two business’ to sit down to a dinner he cooked (which after a week on teh road in itself is heaven) just the two of us at the table then I proceeded to kick his butt on the Wii. No email, no social media, just us. One of the others- in the rush to get to cheering the other night, my son was stung by a bee. We patched him up and off we went. He later walked up to me and said "Mom, I know how the bee stung me. He was just hanging out and needed a snuggle so he sat down and stung me". Made me laugh and my eyes fill with tears at the same time. Oh, and my daughter is all about writing my new tag line with me, which just makes me happy!

  17. Jessie Emeric

    life in between this week: Our son had his first day of school Monday (1st grade) and on Tuesday not only did i forget to give my son his lunch, but I rushed to school w/ zero makeup, hair in a bun to take it to him. Of course, lunch had already started so I had to go into the cafeteria. Lunch lady used her microphone to help find him "DIEGO, your mom is here with your lunch!" I thought he’d been scarred for life, but I think he survived!

  18. Trude

    I think the best moment this week was sitting in the grass at the dog park last night with that perfect temperature, perfect late-afternoon light, and my dog running around so happy he could hardly contain himself. :)

  19. Christa Hann

    My favorite moment was last night. Baby boy gone to bed, hubby was home (he’s been gone been a lot this summer) and we were in bed ….him on laptop sharing his new favorite country songs and me listening along while browsing Pinterest on my iPod :)

  20. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Believe it or not, one of my favorite moments this week was playing Battleship with my boys when the power went out in Hurrcane Irene. And when our power came back on it was like Christmas day!

  21. rebecca

    This week was a whirlwind – we lost power from the hurricane after lunch on Sunday and have yet to get it back. Trying to make the best of it we took the kids to a hotel for a few days, and spent time at the beach. Wednesday night – still no power – we moved the kids and our computers to a friend’s house so we could catch up on work. We are temporary nomads, and restaurant food is starting to get old. Amidst all the chaos and stress was a feeling of gratitude that we were still lucky: we didn’t loose our home, we weren’t injured, and it all we were dealing with was a little inconvenience in our normally very connected and privileged lives. My favorite moment of the week was splashing with my daughter in the ocean, watching her swim for the first time in the Atlantic, amazed that she learned how to do it so quickly.

  22. katie s

    from the midst of irene and having my big tree miss my house by 1 foot. no power, my dog running away in the pouring down rain, my husband being deployed on the fema team to head up north east to be there if needed.What kept me grounded was my family friends an old john deere tractor and trailer and my neighbors coming over to help clean up. it is amazing how people come together in times of great need to keep you grounded.

  23. Jan Cleveland

    So my life completely changed when I found out I was pregnant. Exactly 19 years later my life again will never be the same as I physically and emotionally moved that baby to college. Amidst yet another round of mom-tears, enter hubby-Jeff with soft eyes, strong arms for a hug and a cup of hot coffee, to let me know I’m still me, life will be different but still good…oh and there’s a blog post to write!

  24. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Taking a ride with our in-laws in the vintage, ’47 Ford convertible to go get ice cream …. its first joy-ride in 16 years! (father-in-law restores vintage cars!).

  25. sherri lynn

    We were in the process of moving this week, so even when everything was absolutely crazy, our entire house was in boxes, and we were eating frozen dinners, my husband and I still spent our evenings together – just talking, watching movies, being together.

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