August 24, 2010

Life. In Action.

I was working on a shoot this afternoon and I came across this picture I must’ve taken of Justin. And it makes my heart so happy.

Because I love that although we’ve literally just jumped out of the car, he’s already shooting. That he grabbed his camera up so fast that his shirt tail is still flying through the air. I love his busted up, ghetto camera strap that he got his first year of college and refuses to replace. I love how weird it is that he shoots with his middle finger and I love that my eye always goes right to his wedding band.

But most of all I love, that even though I can’t see it…I know without a doubt that he’s smiling behind that camera.

This is what our life in action looks like.

  1. Spring


  2. K. Quiles-Brown

    It’s the little things….LOVE!

  3. Kris Rae Orlowski

    i <3 justin in a manly comrade way. i have the same strap that I got in my 2nd year of college. all the rubber shoulder-grippy stuff has rubbed off. the only "improvement" i have made is i took the time to hunt down the exact same strap for my backup body. i salute you j: way to stick to the "they just don’t make ’em like they used to" mentality.

  4. Jeff

    I love it, and I’m exactly the same way :) Maybe that’s why we get along so well…

  5. MM

    @Jeff: That’s your shoot that I’m working on my friend. And you guys are HOT!!!

  6. Jil

    (its not a surprise but) there are tears in my eyes. LOVE

  7. Val McCormick

    Such a great post Mary. I love that you share your love so poetically. I <3 u, both!

  8. Sindy

    This made me smile. A lot.

  9. maggieb

    sweet…and I STILL want to see Justin behind my Polaroid Swinger!…one of my first cameras. :-)

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