November 8, 2013

Life in Pictures: Cannon Beach

I’m not really sure how old I was the first time I saw The Goonies.

All I know is that I’ve seen it approximately 117 times since.

From the ship full of treasure to the kids saving their houses to the “booty traps”….it is everything I think childhood adventure should be. And I secretly always wanted to set out in search of the three rocks that lined up to start the treasure map. And scream “Heyyyyy YOU guyyyyyyys.”

So when we decided to bring our workshops to Oregon, we decided to host them right in Cannon Beach- home of “Haystack Rock” aka the Goonies rock.

So that I could wake up every morning we were there, and be reminded of what it is to love the adventure.

Here are a few quick pictures we grabbed the first day we got there. I’m pretty sure if you look hard enough, you can see a pirate ship in the background!

Happy Friday friends!

  1. Alli McWhinney

    Love the photo with the iPhone!

  2. Emilia Jane

    Love these pictures of you two <3

  3. Jamie

    Thanks SO much for all the lighting goodness, guys!! It was great to meet you and glean from your genius! Thank you thank you!!!

  4. Lori Calhoun

    Mary looks adorable as always, but I’m really crushing on J’s jacket! Where is it from?! For the hubs, of course! ;)

  5. jamie

    Beautiful! Loved having you guys out to Oregon. And absolutely was blown away and delighted by the Posing Workshop. That day was magic. You both worked so hard and gave so much! I hope you come out again next year. <3

  6. Xiomara Gard

    I am so thankful you chose to come and have a little adventure in "my backyard" so that I could get to know you AND learn SO MUCH to bless my clients. Just so you know, you’ve touched my life in a huge way and I will always be thankful for the two days we shared in class! :)

  7. Katelyn James

    Love these!!!!!

  8. Rici

    I just love posts and images of you two! So much. Lovely atmosphere!!
    ~ Saluti.

  9. Nancy Barnhart

    LOVE this set of photos of you guys. Thank-you so much for a GREAT workshop in such a wonderful location!

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