May 3, 2013

Life Right Now

Here’s a little picture of what life for us looks like right now…

*Last night we sat out on our front porch with a good friend for the first time this year. Spring has finally settled in to stay here in New England, and we’ve had a week of nearly all warm, sunny days. Last night, the weather could not have been more perfect. We had the warm setting sun with a soft, salty breeze. And everyone was out walking, biking, running just taking it all in. We sat together and shared our now signature cheese board (Robusto cheese, honey covered almonds, dried cranberries, and three types of jam….it’s pretty much the closest I ever get to cooking!) and a bottle of one of my favorite red wines: Mirassou. I really love that time of day where we live because the water goes all baby blue, and the sky is splashed in shades of pink, orange and purple. It looks like they’re going to be putting the sailboats in this weekend, and I’m already imagining a summer full of days on the front porch & good bottles of wine just like last night.

*If you’ve been following along on our Facebook page or Twitter, you know that we’ve started going to a chiropractor. Being a wedding photographer is HARD on the body, and my favorite quote from our first visit was: “You guys are WAY too young to have this much wear & tear!” Awesome. But we sort of knew it was true because we’ve basically been in pain for-ohhh- five years or so. Headaches, shoulder pain, lower back. And it was getting worse. Three visits in to the chiropractor and I’ve already seen dramatic improvement to all three. Of course, it requires having moves done on us that I was pretty sure killed people….at least that’s what every spy movie I’ve ever seen tells me. But so far, so good! Still alive! My favorite part of this whole process has been finding out that one of my legs-the right one- is shorter than the other. And here all this time, I thought I just had swagger.

*A couple months ago we took Cooper to the vet for his annual check up and he weighed in at a whopping 90lbs. He is just a pretty BIG dog, so this isn’t too over for him, but the vet did want him to lose 5-10 lbs. So we’ve had him on a strict diet since then. Yesterday we went in for a follow up and the scale hadn’t budged at all. Which leads me to believe that he is sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night for pints of Ben & Jerry’s. It’s the only thing that makes sense!

*Justin is really in to doing yard work. Like REALLY into it. The other day, as he was weed wacking, he stopped for a second, looked up and said, “You know, I must smile the whole time I’m doing yard work. Because every time it’s over, my teeth are always dirty.” LOL, boys!

* This week was amazing because it officially ushered in May, which is of course my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Justin always likes to tell me, “you get a day, not a month.” But I think he secretly likes it too. Because he’s helping me put together a pretty crazy scheme for my BIRTHDAY WEEK. Let’s just say it involves my version of preppy heaven. Speaking of which, we’ve started a series on our Instagrams called #jmnewenglandlife that involves all things preppy & new englandy from our day to day life. “Right down to our toes & a pair of topsiders!” If you aren’t following along yet, get on it. “And we’ll send a thank you note….in cursive!”

Happy Friday y’all!

**And speaking of preppy awesomeness, how amazing are these socks? Can’t wait to share Shannon & Luke’s NYC engagement shoot on Monday!

  1. Meridith

    It’s my birthday month too! Whoohooo- I like to celebrate all month long as well so happy birthday month to you.

  2. Rici

    Thank you for sharing your life here Mary! Love the happy news about dirt on smiling teeth ;-) Have a great weekend! ~ Saluti.

  3. Amanda Truth

    I love your little life posts :) They remind me to appreciate all the little day-to-day things in life!! Also, happy birthday month Mary! I agree, you should definitely get a month, not a day :)

  4. Emily

    Such a fun post! And those socks are amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Malika Luthra

    haha may is my favorite month of the year too! aside from all the awesome seasonal stuff that starts in may, it’s my birthday month too! here’s to celebrating all month instead of one day (which sounds so boring!) cheers! :)

  6. Malika Luthra

    haha may is my favorite month of the year too! aside from all the awesome seasonal stuff that starts in may, it’s my birthday month too! here’s to celebrating all month instead of one day (which sounds so boring!) cheers! :)

  7. Alli McWhinney

    So cute about Justin’s dirty teeth! Your posts always make me miss living in New England! Enjoy your weekend :-)

  8. karen

    wait till you have kids …. May = Mother’s Day :)

  9. Dallas

    Sorry to hear you guys have been feeling lots of aches and pains! I can definitely relate. I haven’t been to a chiropractor, but I swear by osteopaths. They work wonders!

  10. Christy Tyler

    You guys make me want to visit the east coast again with all this talk of sea breezes and preppy goodness! Sounds like things are great with you two & you’re enjoying life!! So happy to hear that! xoxo! ~C :)

  11. Christine

    Absolutely love that Smirnoff "tea party" reference!!! Got to love the prep-town! : )

  12. Christine

    Love the Smirnoff "tea party" reference and may birthdays! : )

  13. Katelyn James

    bahahha!! The weed whacking story is awesome! I wish we loved that stuff! Our yard is just embarrassing!!!

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