August 7, 2012

Life Right Now

This morning, we woke up in Chicago.

We’re here to speak on a panel of married photography couples who work together (and somehow manage to not kill each other! :) at the Skip’s Summer School conference. Yesterday morning after shooting two weddings this past weekend, we woke up at 6am to pack and catch our flight out. So by the time we got into town, I was looking like a red hot mess to say the least.

My hair was on its about 400th day of giving into the humidity and turning into something resembling a cross between Snooki and a Beethoven wig, and I. was. over. it. So I googled a place that looked semi-reputable and I went in and got it chopped. Ok, ok. Chopped might be a bit of a strong word. But she took off a good four inches, and let’s face it…that could have gone really badly.What can I say, I like to live on the EDGE, baby!

And that kind of feels like life right now. I’m ready to shake things up. To take some big leaps and not overthink it too much. To step into the fear knowing that the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. And that if I just keep doing the same things I’ve always done over and over again….nothing is ever going to change.

It’s scary….and I like it. :)

This is what life for us feels like right now. And just to round out the picture, here are a few other things that have been on my mind:

*I got an email from Yankee Candle (I’m totally on their mailing list) that they just came out with a new Apple Pumpkin candle, and thoughts of Fall went dancing through my head. Do I think that they just had some small fire somewhere at the Yankee candle factory and all the Apple candles melted into the Pumpkin candles, and this is just them taking lemons and making lemonade (which by the way, is also a great scent!)? Definitely! Am I going to buy the crap out of it the first chance I get? You know it!
*Cooper gets really, really lazy when it gets hot outside, and he’ll just lay in the coolest corner in the house for hours and hours. A couple hours in, I’ll start to get worried that there’s something wrong with him so I’ll bribe him with food to make sure he still gets all excited and jumps around. I’m totally going to be that mom that wakes up her baby and makes it cry, just to make sure its still ok.
* Our rental car in Chicago is a Fiat. It kind of feels like it should come with a remote control. And whoever said the Fiat was the Mini….was seriously disturbed.
* While I was getting my hair cut, Justin passed the time getting sales pitches from the Art of Shaving and Tesla Motors. I let him get the small shaving kit, but I told him he’d have to wait til his birthday for the Tesla. :)
* I have been watching all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix like I’m cramming for my med school boards. I am now fairly certain that I could perform an emergency appendectomy with a butter knife and some rubbing alcohol.
* Water with lime is astonishingly refreshing.
* Yesterday in the airport, a cup of hot coffee spilled all over me and my laptop. As I was wiping the coffee off my seersucker blazer, my button popped off and rolled across the room. Where it had to go through security again. And then the blogpost I had been writing all morning froze up and wouldn’t save. All within the space of about thirty seconds. As God as my witness, I will never delete another chain letter again.
* At our wedding on Sunday, the bride dedicated a song to her super cute grandparents and I got this picture of Justin shooting it. I got all teary as I was standing there, thinking about the two of us and how we’ll totally still be dancing like that one day. Except I’ll be the one who gets to wear the crown.

To go with my most recent new hair cut, obviously!

Happy Tuesday blogworld!

  1. sharon elizabeth

    awww <3 and LOL at the chain letter remark… it always comes back to those!!!

  2. Katie Yuen

    This was the cutest post ever :)

  3. Lauren Wakefield

    This post made me giggle. A lot. Love that shot…and your new hair cut. :)

  4. Melissa

    Um, photos of the new haircut?

  5. Amanda Miller

    Yessss! I have been dreaming of fall for the past week…I’ve seriously considered hibernating until Fall is officially here, because it’s all that is keeping me going at this end of summer here. And I do the same thing with our dogs! Haha…it’s a little crazy, but I’m okay with that! Have fun in Chicago! Wish I could see you guys while you are here!

  6. MM

    @Melissa: Added one in just for you!!

  7. Gail

    Good heavens, what a whirlwind week you’re having then! I hear you on the chop — my hair has been growing SO much while pregnant, that I took about 4 inches off last week myself and felt like a new woman!

    Three cheers to being brave :)

  8. Tiffany Deming

    We are on the same page this morning! Inspired by a friend who shaved her head on Sunday to raise $ for cancer research, I’ve decided that if she be GLD 2B BLD then I can take a few risks without the whole over thinking and analysis paralysis I get sucked in to! Step into the fear, my friend…I’ll be cheering you on!! oxo

  9. Shannon Rosan

    Love the new hair! Cheers to you :)

  10. Kari Jeanne

    Love this post – and the new hair cut :)

  11. Grace

    The tidbit about your button popping off in the airport and having to go through security again was priceless. Thanks for the laugh!

  12. rich

    priceless photo at the end! your haircut looks great!

  13. Spring

    I’ve been thinking about chopping my hair off- but like really chopping- like to my chin… i’ve been growing it out of my wedding for SO LONG now and I’m just sick of it- maybe i’ll have a short, sassy new do soon to match yours ;) XOXO

  14. Jamilla Yipp

    Your hair looks amazing! and yes that is very brave to get 4 inches cut off at a random place, you are braver than me :). After just coming out of an emergency appendictimy ;) I am laughing at your Grey’s anatomy knowledge :)

  15. Susan Evans

    Your hair looks great! I’m trying not to wish summer away but I’ve been secretly dreaming about fall too.

  16. Stephanie Stewart

    LOVE your new ‘do!

  17. Rici

    I totally love these tiny glimpses into your lives! Thank you Mary! I am with you on the Grey┬┤s Anatomy thing!

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