April 1, 2013

Life w/ J&M: Indoor Herb Garden

This weekend was incredible.

On Friday, I posted a sign from Pinterest with my goals for what I wanted Easter weekend to be for us. It said “Get offline. Free your mind. Go outside. Look up at the sky. Take in the beauty of the real world. Exchange a smile. Reclaim free time. Update your state, not just your status. Disconnect to reconnect.”

Ahhh isn’t that amazing?? Something I’ve been noticing about myself as we’ve been having some more time at home is that, in a weird way, I feel like I actually stress MORE when we aren’t moving a million miles a minute. It’s almost like when I’m not doing something, my heart keeps racing trying to figure out what it is I should be doing. Please tell me I’m not the only one out there who feels this crazy way! I think what it is, is that I’ve trained myself to feel guilty when I’m not moving our lives and our business forward. That’s the overachiever (ahem, ok let’s not fake the funk…workaholic) in me. And while I do enjoy being busy and racking up those gold stars, I’ve also realized that something I have to learn is that rest IS important work.

It makes it possible for us to be at 100% when we are working. And to fill happy and like we have a full tank to draw from. I used to think of rest as a luxury, an indulgence. But I’m starting to see things differently. And our new goal list includes slowing down and enjoying the abundant beauty of this life right now. I want to soak it in. Every crazy beautiful minute of it.

And this weekend, between hiking with friends followed by Mexican food, watching movies on the couch, attending a powerful Easter service at a new church, and working in the yard together….we did just that. Like I said, this weekend was incredible.

One of the things we “worked” on Saturday, was hanging our indoor herb garden in the kitchen. We got these buckets, hooks and a cross bar and hung them right in our kitchen near one of our big windows. Then we filled them with two things of basil (because honestly, I can never get enough basil!), cilantro (for guacamole of course), and lavender because I’m kind of obsessed with all things lavender at the moment. So now every time I walk past the buckets (about 100 times a day!) I stop and smell the proverbial herbs. It’s amazing. And I can’t believe how having just a few green things in our kitchen really made it come to life.

Now, I just have to figure out how not to kill all of them! :) Here’s hoping!

Happy Monday y’all!

  1. Deborah Zoe

    oooh such a good idea!!! Hubs has a few plants outside, but I’d love to have them indoors at arms reach!! But I kill EVERY plant so we’ll see :)

  2. amanda hedgepeth

    I loooove this!! I was JUST posting this blog (http://amandahedgepethphotographyblog.com/2013/04/01/genetic-traits-personal/) about my little one year old Easter Egg hunting and she looks like a little workaholic the whole time! She even "cleans" around the house, I think she sees me never, ever, ever sitting still and has picked up on that!

    But you know what, the second I sit down, take it easy, and unplug– she’s right there next to me feeling the permission to sit down and relax to. She is FINALLY learning to take it easy the more I do! I agree with you 100%, for me honestly, finding time to rest and doing it is important work and I need to take advantage of it more. I am so restless when not moving around! Thank you for making me feel normal always by being so grounded and down to earth <3

  3. Tiffany Farley

    Oh those ARE cute!!! Watch out Martha. Here comes Mary :0) Loved spending time with you this weekend!

  4. Laura

    You have just made me incredibly envious that I have literally zero wall space in my kitchen. This is awesome!

  5. Leslie

    Love the Post, but I’m here to help you with the plants: Drainage. That’s the Key…They may look very cute right now, but if you let them sit in a half inch of h2o, you’re going to have some VERY sad soggy plants. Think of it as if you were getting a pedicure, if your feet sat in the water all day, every day, you wouldn’t be very happy…and you’d have wrinkly feet!

  6. Liz and Ryan

    Umm… yes! We had this same conversation this weekend!! lol! Seriously… exactly the same! Here’s to a SUPER fun April full of embracing the everyday moments of life!

  7. Alli McWhinney

    Cute! Now I am inspired to do this, although I usually can’t keep a plant alive to save my life!

  8. MM

    @Leslie: it’s definitely true! That’s why we were really psyched when we saw that these buckets have holes in the bottom & we have a tray to catch it!

  9. Amanda

    You can never get enough basil for sure! We are avid gardeners and look forward to the therapy of the soil. Happy April!

  10. Mel


    If you like lavender…and you like cookies…you will LOVE these!

  11. heather

    Love the herbs! Enjoy :)

  12. Jill

    I love Cilantro too!!! Last year when I grew it I found out that if it starts to flower snip the flower off immediately, if not it will "bolt" and stop growing. If you don’t do that (like me) let it dry out, and the seeds are the herb coriander:)!

  13. bethany cox

    can i just say AMEN!!!!

    I have been going through my own little workaholic rehab over here and it is so so true that rest is important and honestly VITAL to our own lives. I think its funny that like you, I too feel like a weekend that is "mundane and typical" for most americans who have mon-fri 9-5 jobs is like a vacation and a victory to us. I FEEL YOU! So i am literally taking steps and working through my own recovery from workaholism. today Im taking myself and my creativity on a date. Me, God, and my creativity are going OUT!
    Im so so glad you had a weekend that you needed. Coincidentally, I too planted two herbs in my kitchen window area. I am rocking cilantro and parsley.

    Fist Pump

  14. ali

    I should totally do this! We JUST painted our kitchen after pulling out a dull fruit boarder and sanding down a hunter green room. We put on the most beautiful neutral and are decorating it with all things wood and hawaiian. A splash a green is just what it needs. :)

  15. Heather

    Mary, this reminds me of an article I just read on the NY Times blog: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/30/the-busy-trap/. Sounds a lot like Sabbath to me :)

  16. Cindy Habel


  17. Sarah Wamuhiu

    It amazes me how so often you post about the very thing that is swirling around in my head. We have been totally overwhelmed with editing work, re-structuring, making our new house a home, trying to get all the things together that we need for the restructured business and now starting to take on clients under the new system and I’ve just been stressing myself out. Everything is going great but I’m still stressed all the time. Can barely sleep and don’t take anywhere near enough time with my family. Thanks so talking about allowing ourselves to rest. I wrote in my journal this morning during my prayer time that I just need to rest!

  18. jeramy sossaman

    sharon wants a garden. i might put it outside though.

  19. angel

    I keep thinking of you guys as I’m listening to these messages about dreams on podcast. It’s from my church but I had missed a few sundays so listening while I do busy work/editing etc. It’s funny how the internet can create this unity with people I don’t even know -thanks for sharing your dreams all the time! If you have some busy work to do these might be great listening! (you have to scroll down to them, there’s 5 total.) http://podcast.waychurch.com/

  20. Leanna Gosse

    Love all of your images, Mary, as always, but I’ve been dying to find a green cardi like yours – where did you find it?

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