July 22, 2013

Life w/ J&M: Living Room Update (Part II)

Happy Monday friends!

This past weekend we made our way down to the Jersey Shore where Justin grew up for a shoot & some time on the beach (more on that to come!) And when we got back home, we took yesterday to do a few projects around the house we’ve been meaning to do. I posted about our living room update a while back (you can see it HERE!), but that only covered the right side of the room. And we’ve been holding off on posting the left side until we could do a few more updates!

Mostly, I really wanted to re-do what we had on our ladder shelf. Basically we had just taken whatever was left over from the right side and tossed it on there so we just had a miss-mash of stuff. And I wanted it to be more designed & to fit with the rest of the room (the stuff on there was a lot more country than nautical). So we thought about what we wanted to do & we decided to make the whole thing have a travel theme of all of our adventures recently, while still keeping with the overall nautical theme of the room. This is what we came up with!!

LOVE this compass that our good friend Sharon got for us!

And this teal anchor the amazing Spring Smith sent us! We have the best friends!

While we were at it, we also put up a shelf we’ve been meaning to put up forever and pulled in our “M.” A long time ago I wrote a post about what we hoped our lives would be like together in starting this business. It said, “We talked about a life where we would both work from home. A home with a fireplace and candles burning and cool citrus basil lotion at the sink. And tea. There would be a lot of tea. Peppermint and Sleepy Time. And cinnamon apple in the fall. There would be a big “M” that hung over our dining room table with star garland wrapped around the centerpiece. There would be quilts and blankets and wedding pictures in silver frames. And a little golden fur ball to make it all complete. And we…well, we would be happy.”

And slowly but surely, we’re making it there.

Happy Monday friends!

  1. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Very nice styling, Mary! Love it!

  2. sharon elizabeth

    <3 straight out of a magazine

  3. Rici

    I loved to have this glimpse into your home! And that you had dreamed up so many things about your home/tea/rooms and the M so long ago! That is beautiful! (Wonder actually what your new dreams look like, since it looks like to many of the surrounding you have come so close) ;-) Hope you are well! ~ Saluti!!

  4. Lindsey LaRue

    Can I PLEASE ask where the compass came from? I collect them and it is gorgeous!

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