February 12, 2011

Life w/ J&M: Morning Fuel

Justin grabbed this shot of me this morning at breakfast at our hotel, while he was playing with the EP1. He likes to play around with the camera, I like to flip through Vanity Fair and drink coffee. Either way, for both of us it’s our morning fuel.

  1. Gail

    Mary, you have EXCELLENT taste when it comes to ‘zines. That right there is my personal fave!! (and is that the Oscar issue? Be still this movie-lovin’ woman’s heart!)

  2. Bethany

    I love this. It’s honest and candid.

  3. Jess

    I love it too.

  4. katie

    happy morning makes for a happy day!

  5. maggieb

    "Mary-Time" – I bet there isn’t much of that…it’s nice to see you in recharge mode.

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