April 25, 2016

Life w/ J&M: Our Trip to Magnolia Market!!


Happy Monday friends!! We have a GREAT week ahead, including gearing up to give the closing keynote at the Rising Tide Summit (taking place this week Tues-Thurs and today is the LAST day to grab tickets) on Thursday night! And what’s even more amazing about that, is that we get to give the talk from home on our couch in our pajamas :) And after a crazy two months of travel that is like music to our ears! We are just SO excited to be mostly home for the next couple months, and to get back into a slower pace waking up in our own bed, and this is such a great way to kick that off.

But that being said, we are definitely SO grateful for all the travel because it has allowed us to see some of the coolest places and hang out with some of our favorite people. You saw our trip to Arizona on last Friday’s post and we also got to go shoot in a beautiful mission in San Antonio (seriously can’t WAIT to show you that wedding). And in between those two trips, we got to make a pit stop in Waco, TX to see Magnolia Market (the store that grew out of the tv show Fixer Upper!) Guys, it was SO beautiful! Every single set up was so curated and intentional. And the best part was we got to meet up with our friend Bonnie to grab lunch at one of the food trucks & do a little shopping! Here are just a few of the highlights of our trip:

*The “Guac This Way” and “This is My Jam” sandwiches we got at the grilled cheese truck!
*Walking up and seeing the silos & Magnolia signs for the first time
*Hearing worship music playing on their outside green
*Walking in and seeing the be ever blooming set up in person
*Walking around the store and getting totally overwhelmed (in a good way!) at how beautiful everything is
*The Joanna’s favorite candle! LOVE!
*The amazing burlap bags with the leather straps that you shop with…I put in a formal request with at least three of their sales people for them to start selling them. If anyone has the hook up on where to get them, let me know!
*Staying under the budget we set before we got there! Justin was SO proud! :)

We seriously can’t WAIT to go back! Here are just a few photos (from our iPhones so don’t judge!) of our time there!












  1. Meredith Sledge

    How fun!!!

  2. Jessica Frey

    Yea!!! So glad to hear you had a good trip back to Texas. Seriously, I’m an hour away from Waco and have yet to visit Magnolia! One of these days!

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