February 6, 2017

Life w/ J&M: Our Universal Adventure!!

Happy Monday friends! We took a couple months off over the winter from the blog so that we could have a real rest in our off season! But we are kickin’ off the dust and getting back in the swing of things today, and I can’t think of any more FUN way of doing that than with a recap of our Universal & Islands of Adventure, well, adventure with our dear friends Abby & Matt!

If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know that Justin & I are HUGE roller coaster fans, and one of our favorite parks to go to is the power combo of Universal & Islands of Adventure. We’ve been there a few times, but we have NEVER gotten to go to Harry Potter World with a true HP fan, like our friend Abby is! I felt like we were getting a personal tour from J.K. herself as Abby & Matt pointed out a TON of stuff we had missed all of our other times being there! Like the wand choosing ceremony…we always skipped that line because we thought it was only for people who wanted to buy a wand. So WRONG! It was awesome to see and made even more PERFECT when out of all the people, Abby was the one who was picked to have her wand choose her (see, I’m learning Abby!)

We just LOVE these guys, and we had the best time spending close to 12 hours (and according to Justin’s app, walking 20,000 steps with them all around both parks!) Here are just a few of my favorite highlights of the trip:

*Abby getting picked for the wand choosing ceremony!
*Butterbeer! (obviously)
*The Mummy ride…and Abby shouting out ( I was NOT expecting that! Ha!)
*The new Kong Skull Island ride…I LOVE that these parks are always growing
*All of the crazy amount of detail in both of the Harry Potter parks
*Dr. Seussland and having an impromptu story time
*Justin and his spritz bottle of water.
*The Spiderman ride is always a favorite.
*The Hulk and The Dragons coasters…SO good
*Brainstorming awesome business ideas over bangers & mash during lunch
*Dinner at Margaritaville
*All the incredible heart to heart conversations and what these guys stand for!

Here’s to a trip FULL of amazing memories! We can’t WAIT for the next one!

We love you Abby & Matt!

  1. Tiffany Bolk

    I’ve missed you guys! Glad you got a break! And can I go to Universal with you next time?!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Abby Grace

    We LOVED having so much time with you guys this weekend! Time with you two is so, so good for the soul. Matt & I are both so grateful for you & Justin! **spritz spritz spritz**

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