February 2, 2014

Life w/ J&M: Winter by the Water

This past week, we were down in Virginia & Annapolis for three mentoring sessions, two lighting intensives, one engagement session…and a partridge in a pear tree!! :)

But all that didn’t stop us from making time for fun & spending time with some of our favorite people. We walked out on the rocks at Belle Isle with the amazing Tara Liebeck (who was nice enough to grab a couple of quick shots of us!!) , grabbed brunch with the adorable Natalie Franke & Huey, and just in general had fun exploring Annapolis with Cooper who always gets to come with us anytime we’re driving on one of these trips. We have traveled with him since he was a puppy, so he just hops in the car and goes wherever we go. He’s such a great little traveler and we’re so lucky that this job has given us the kind of life that where we can all travel together! I’m seriously thankful for that every day!

Happy Monday friends!

My boys! Annapolis is such a great preppy little town with tons of history…it fit us to a T!!

Natalie has a heart of gold! And is clearly my preppy soul mate! We were both wearing polka dots & necklaces from J.Crew when we showed up!

East Coast winter tip: Hunter boots are an absolute requirement! Whether you are walking down icy cobblestone streets or running around shooting on a slippery dock, these boots will get you where you need to go!

We always get asked how Cooper does in the hotel rooms we’re staying in. Um, he manages! :)

  1. Urška Majer

    Copper looks so handsome & happy on that last photo!

  2. Michele Ashley

    Love the pier shot!!

  3. sharon elizabeth

    love those of y’all on the james.. get those printedddd! so pretty!!! and i won’t mention how i’m going to kick your butt for not calling me and being soooo close!!! nope.. won’t mention it!!! love y’all!!!

  4. Katelyn James

    YAY RVA!!!! ;) And that shot of cooper is priceless!!!! That should be framed! :):)

  5. Jackie Lamas

    so fun! Cooper is adorable!!!

  6. Natalie

    Preppy Soul Mates! I love that! :) #preppysoulmates

  7. Melissa Farmer

    Ah, glad you enjoyed time in Virginia, especially Richmond!

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