March 4, 2016

Lighting the Bridal Details: Before & After!!


Imagine this scenario. You walk into a gorgeous two-bedroom suite, with gray velvet furniture, pastel neutral paint, and a wall full of windows pouring in even, gorgeous, perfectly white-balanced, natural light. And you think to your self….Softball. I could shoot this in my sleep. But the makeup artist has already set up camp in that first bedroom taking up all the window space, so you kindly offer to take the second bedroom. How different could they be, after all? You walk into that second room and see an entire wall full of curtains, as your heart begins to sing! You’re already designing the perfectly-lit blog post in your head. Only, when you go to pull them back in one grand, dramatic, sweeping motion as the music hits crescendo….yeaaaa, brick. wall. Awesome. And now the sweaty palms set in. Your heart begins to race, and suddenly it’s 100 degrees in that room as it dawns on you that the only available lights to be found anywhere are the tungsten overheads casting an eerie orange glow on everything. So, now what?

Show me the situation where the photographer intended to go all natural light, and I’ll show you the situation where it went wrong.

Like I said before, we’ve seen it ALL at this point. Brick walls where you expected to find windows, tungsten lights that the bride’s mom won’t let you turn off, purple walls, red ceilings, mixed fluorescents coming in from another room, and green light from the trees outside pouring in from what should be beautiful window light. The truth is, the more we shoot, the more we realize that a beautiful neutral getting ready room with clean white-balanced window light is a rarity and the exception, rather than the norm. In the last year alone, we couldn’t use natural light for one reason or another in at least 75% of our weddings. And the more we study & appreciate light, the more aware of the problems or deficiencies with the natural light that we become (things like color casts or mixed light). So that number is actually probably on the rise!

Just check out some of these before & afters of the CRAZY places we had to shoot this past year…and the light & airy natural results we got with our “30 Second One Light Set Up” and our Lighting the Bridal Details system!! If you are TIRED of walking into situations like this and not knowing WHAT you’re going to do or spending HOURS in front of your computer trying to fix it later, then definitely be sure grab your copy of our brand new Lighting the Bridal Details Guide so you can get ready NOW before wedding season hits!! AND get $20 off (bringing this 50+ page guide & 50 minute video) to just $79 when you grab your copy TODAY!! The launch special ends TONIGHT!! Don’t miss it! Grab your copy HERE!!



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  1. Ling

    Love this blog post, it is so encouraging! One thing I want to improve this wedding season is bridal details. Will have to try using the reflector and speedlite!

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