January 17, 2012

LIVE Chat with Justin & Mary – Lighting

Some of the gear we’ll be discussing:

Lighting Equipment:
Small LED Video Light
Nikon SB900
Profoto D1 Air 500 kit
Pocketwizard Plus II
Pocketwizard Mini TT1 for Nikon

Grip Equipment
Matthews 40″ C Stand with arm
13′ Light Stand
Basic Umbrella Bracket for 1 flash
Basic Umbrella Bracket for 2 flashes
Super Clamp
Hot Shoe Sync Cord for Pocketwizards

Basic One Light Setup
13′ Light Stand
Basic Umbrella Bracket for 1 flash
(2) Pocketwizard Plus II
43″ White Umbrella
Nikon SB900 or the less expensive Sunpak flash
Hot Shoe Sync Cord for Pocketwizards

Our Gear Bags:
Think Tank Airport International
Free Eyepiece + Free Gear with Every Rain Cover

  1. Julie Villarreal

    Hi Justin & Mary!

  2. Leslie Kerrigan

    Can this be watched on an ipad?

  3. Jonathan Knox

    Hey J&M. I am not seeing the feed. Has the session started?

  4. Linda Atwood

    What was the promo code word for the reduced price of this broadcast?

  5. Sascha

    What would the power of the SB-900 be set to in this situation?

  6. jackie g. photog

    loving this!! trying to watch and listen and make dinner at the same time! i’m all over the place!! love you guys!!

  7. Angela

    I got a lot out of this! Thanks a bunch! You guys rock! Hugged you once at WPPI…..so grateful for your continued work!

  8. Shannon Rosan

    Phenomenal :) You guys are amazing.

  9. Susan Evans

    This was SO full of helpful information! Thanks guys! I’m so glad we will get to go over this again at the Walk Through because I took copious notes, but not sure I got it all. Also, I LOVE Bones…except I missed a few episodes and now she’s having his baby! When did that happen?!

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