August 24, 2010

Locusts on Hudson Wedding: Kavi & David (Part III)

And now….the ceremony!! Enjoy!

  1. Katie Hanson

    amazingly beautiful!!!

  2. Alicia Candelora

    WOW! Love the one of Kavi’s mom (?) in the pink looking at David and smiling so big. Priceless!

  3. Val McCormick

    So beautiful!!!

  4. Michelle Stone

    WOW, wow, wow. You guys are amazing!! I totally teared up..what a gorgeous wedding/ceremony.

  5. Nicole Callaway

    I love to see the history and culture mixed together in this wedding. I’ve enjoyed this series since I first saw their engagement photos. Ahhhmazing!

  6. Jacob Bergmeier

    Absolutely stunning images of this wedding. I am seriously in awe.

  7. Sindy

    These are so breathtaking and beautiful!

  8. yvonne

    Just beautiful! I love when cultures blend. We all grow from it.

  9. Deb Whitaker

    Stunning, just stunning! Love all that color and how much theses images just ooze happiness:)

  10. Kim Sierra

    I love everything about this beautiful wedding including the grooms purple socks!! =)

  11. Melissa

    This is absolutely breath-taking! Wow! Could the groom be beaming any more?! Love it!

  12. Tara Sharma

    So beautiful. Love the colors and all the Bharaat photos!

  13. Emily

    Oh my word, did you just die and go to heaven when they trotted out that horse??!! Such a gift to shoot such an amazing wedding! I am not gonna lie, I AM SO JEALOUS at your opportunity to capture this. Great job you two!

  14. Denise G.

    Absolutely enchanting! They look so happy!

  15. maggieb

    What a day! What a wonderful capture of their day. I love how they gaze at one another.

  16. Jil

    her face is so expressive! beautifully captured, as always. :o)

  17. Ray

    Amazing, amazing, AMAZING ceremony! You guys are the masters of capturing the utmost important moments. The emotional ones like: The one of Kavi’s expression looking down the aisle at David, and David looking back at her. Like Kavi’s mother embracing David, while David and Kavi hold hands. Pretty awesome stuff there. And just killer photos as always. Plus: I simply adore Indian Weddings. There’s just something so royal about them that I love: The colorful attire not only from the wedding party, but from the guests, the exquisite jewelry, the celebration towards the ceremony and the ceremony itself. It’s just spectacular. It really is. And you guys do a fabulous job at photographing it all the way through. Step by beautiful step. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. <3

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