July 19, 2010

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding: Jen & Adam (Part I)

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I told you Monday was going to be jam-packed with posts! So let’s continue the mega madness with Part I of Jen & Adam’s absolutely spectacular Lord Thompson Manor wedding. Jen & Adam were married on a day where the light was airy, the color was dreamy, and nothing, not even the rain itself, dared interfere with its perfection. It was a day where boy meets girl turned into here and ever after. And we were just the ones lucky enough to winess it.

Married: Jen & Adam

I was a little bit obsessed with Jen’s shoes. Just a little.

And a little more….

And a little more. :) Her drop dead gorgeous gown from The White Dress by the Shore was pretty swoon-worthy too!

Jen got ready at the Spa on site at the Spa at Lord Thompson Manor, which made the whole day so much more relaxing. And the light/backdrop of the spa made for some gorgeous shots!

** J&M Brides Hint: Have the getting ready, ceremony and reception all at one place if you can or at least very close together. Major extra bonus points if the groom gets ready at the same place as you. It makes it SO much easier for us to cover both sides of the getting ready.

Since Jen & Adam did just that, Justin was able to sneak over to Lord Thompson Manor and hang out with the guys and also scout out the ceremony details before the guests arrived.

You can’t go wrong with a classic bow tie.

Adam’s dad looks like a Hollywood Star to me. A lil’ Bogart perhaps.

Adam you are dashing!

And it’s clear where you get it!

While Justin was with the fellas, Julia & I hung out with Jen and her ladies for some finishing touches.

LOVE that rosette belt!

Jen you are everything that is timeless and beautiful. I adore you!

When Jen’s dad came in to see her, it got a lil’ emotional…

…oh yea, Jen got a little teary too. :)

The Lord Thompson Manor has the most BEAUTIFUL grounds for an outdoor ceremony. Love it there!

Adam surprised Jen with a pretty cool ride from the spa to the ceremony!

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. All morning the dark clouds were looming in the sky threatening to ruin the outdoor ceremony plans. Just as Adam and his dad went down the aisle and Jen was getting out of the car, it started to rain. Guests started throwing coats over their heads….none of us was sure what was going to happen…..

But Jen was getting married. So she got out of the car anyway and started down the aisle. And the rain was coming down with no end in sight.

But just as Jen and her parents started down the aisle, they literally crossed out of rain and into incredible sunshine.

And it didn’t rain the rest of the ceremony or for any of the pictures. It was only once we all were inside safe and sound, that the sky opened up and poured for hours. Now how about that for a good forecast!? :)

LOVE this shot that Julia grabbed of Adam’s face. It says it all.

The Lord Thompson Manor

LOVE that face!

Mr. & Mrs!!

Right after Jen & Adam came back down the aisle, everyone gathered on the grounds for a couple of welcome toasts.

Another Julia shot! She is rockin the house! Love this one!

When Jen’s mom started her toast, I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the place.

Stay tuned for more Mega Monday madness coming your way! For more of Jen & Adam’s Lord Thompson Manor wedding, check out Part II and Part III!!


  1. Ryan

    WOW – what an emotional amazing ceremony — got a little misty myself just looking at the pics, can’t imagine what it was like to be there!! Awesome job J&M&J2

  2. Christine

    These had to be the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. They tell such a story. I got teary looking through these because I felt like I knew the couple and because it felt like I was there. FANTASTIC job capturing their special day.

  3. Keri Doolittle Photography

    LOVE, LOVE these!! The colors are so clean and classic and what a beautiful couple!! Great job team Marantz!

  4. Beth Benoit

    These are amazing,breathtaking so full of emotion!

  5. kate Callahan

    I very rarely like lace gowns … but this one is just unbelievably stunning! As are all the photos. What lovely work : )

  6. Ann Nyberg

    These photos are just gorgeous, all really tell a story.

  7. Katie Jane Parker

    That dress is incredible. Beautiful work, as always!

  8. maggieb

    Oh! Would you just look at them!? These moments are totally captivating and tear at the heart strings.

  9. Sissel

    Such a gorgeous job, consistently stunning all the way through. I was stopped in my tracks by those shoes too. Not a detail left unturned nor a significant moment missed…wow!!

  10. Cathy Crawley

    Oh these are simply gorgeous! You always capture so many special moments that it feels like we are there with you. Beautiful!

  11. Alicia Candelora

    Absolutely beautiful! Shot of the day goes to &J2 with that shot of Adam’s face during the ceremony. I kinda like his name to. For obvious reasons. :)

  12. Erica Velasco

    Lover her bouquet! The images are so creamy as always!

  13. Jacob Bergmeier

    Gorgeous… every image is beautiful!

  14. Eric Hubball

    Really amazing! You can feel the emotion… Nice work!

  15. Trent

    I’m kind of obsessed with EVERY SINGLE IMAGE! I was scrolling down saying "Wow, WOW, Wow, WOW". Beautiful job J&M…&J2

  16. Deyla Huss

    What a beautiful Wedding! Gahhhhhhhh gorgeous setting, and that white dressing room, love the light in that room!!!

  17. Deborah Zoe

    those details shots are amazing!!! great work

  18. Girish

    Wonderful. Always love to see your photographs. Always.

    Like the photographs of Adam with his father prior to the cermeony, in the library I think.

    Wonderful soft light there.

  19. Lydia

    Wow, these pictures area amazingly gorgeous!!

  20. Daniela

    Alright you two, I just cried looking through these photos. At work. That’s right. Absolutely amazing. What a beautiful, beautiful set! ::sigh::

  21. Felicia Gwen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! You really capture the emotion of the day!!!

  22. Ray

    Amazing shots. The black and white…awesomeness. Like Felicia wrote, you guys do a great job at capturing the emotions. Emotions that they can treasure forever now. Thanks to you Mary, Justin & Julia. I love the group shots of everyone, and that hug shot. So beautiful. Never heard of a welcome toast. Wonderful idea.

  23. Ashley

    These are so beautiful. So much emotion captured so well. Gorgeous.

  24. anne

    Oh my! That venue is GORGEOUS!!! And those pictures of her coming down the aisle with the light peering through is amazing! What action do you use for your Black and whites? I’ve always admired them SO MUCH!

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