May 20, 2010

Make a Wish Shoot: Jeremiah

And now for our second Make-a-Wish shoot. A little while ago we got together with Jeremiah, who is a current Make-a-Wish kid, to document his wish. Two years ago when he was picked by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Jeremiah knew exactly what he wanted to do: build a motorcycle. So for the past two years he has worked alongside the guys at the Mad Dog Garage to build the perfect bike. Not a single aspect has been overlooked. No detail has been denied. And in the process, I’m pretty sure Jeremiah has made a couple of friends for life.

After much work & care the bike is now finished, so we got together with Jeremiah & the guys on the last day in the garage to document a wish made true.

And in the process, our own faith was renewed.

To Jeremiah, all the guys at the Mad Dog Garage and the Make a Wish Foundation….thank you for everything you do. And honestly, thank you for letting us be part of it. You inspire us more than you could possibly know.

With so much love,

Don’t you just love this guy? :)

Seriously how beautiful is this thing?

That is one serious wrench.

Love Jeremiah. Just love him!

Jeremiah’s family was on hand to see the finished product.

I loved having Jeremiah point out all his favorite parts of the bike to me….it was so cool to hear him talk about it.

Vroom Vroom!!

So then the guys were like “well do you want us to burn out the tires?” Ummm…..YEA!!


  1. Christa

    Of course YES to burn tires :)

  2. kat hanafin

    i’m doing a shoot for a make a wish family in june. so excited for the opportunity that was presented to me to be a part of it!

  3. Anne

    this is so wonderful. :)

  4. Girish

    Awesome shoot. Great photographers. I was soon going to do a small fun shoot with my cousin and his bike. This has given me great ideas for that. Ofcourse I would shoot with my Canon 590IS, powershot. But this is very inspiring.

  5. Alison

    That first shot is just perfect in every way. Thank you for doign this for him and sharing it for us. You guys have such big amazing hearts!

  6. Michelle

    Gorgeous shots… this was a really inspirational post!

  7. Natascha

    Amazing shots. I like them a lot – especially the black and whites. My favorite is where Jeremiah is in the middle (sharp) and the boys (unsharp). Keep up the good work.

  8. ajira

    Yay Jeremiah!! How awesome to have built such a bike, it’s gorgeous!

  9. cassandra-m

    You guys continue to AMAZE me with your kind hearts. These pics are so great. GOOD JOB JEREMIAH…GREAT BIKE!!!!

  10. Ray

    Great shots! And how amazing of Mad Dog Garage to help Jeremiah build a custom bike?! So wicked cool! =D

  11. maggieb

    How did I miss this shoot?! Terrific shoot and story! oh! Those bikes! Now, that is a dream come true. Kudos to those who make these things happen, and those who document and record them with such character, feeling and beauty.

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