February 7, 2014

Marantz House Project: New Curtains & Rug

One of the things we have been loving most about having some time at home in December & January, was getting the chance to do more of our house projects! For those of you who have been here a while, you know that Justin & I bought an 1880s colonial style house on the Long Island Sound in 2009. The really amazing news about that is that we were able to buy our first home on the water (which we STILL can’t believe that’s true! We have to pinch ourselves every day that we get to wake up & that’s our view!). The bad news with it (and the reason we were ever able to buy waterfront in New England which is usually crazy expensive) is that it needed a ton of work. A TON!

Four years in and two major rounds of renovations over, there is still work to be done. There probably always will be, honestly. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! We LOVE working on this house & making it our own. And the good news is, there will never be any shortage of projects to share with you guys! :) Today, we want to show you the new curtains & rug in our living room/meeting room on the first floor (there are three floors total, so like I said…no shortage of projects to be done!). It is absolutely amazing how much a difference a good set of curtains can make! We added in these gray velvet curtains to balance out the brightness of the room (we get a LOT of gorgeous light in off the water!) and also to pull in those tones of the sea stone fireplace (original 1800’s…it even has a hook in it to hold a kettle for cooking!). Once we had those in place, we knew we wanted something to anchor the room (we were spending half our lives straightening the couch up). So we were over the moon when we found this light blue rug to tie the whole room together. It is the softest rug I’ve ever felt & honestly, it feels like it was made just for us and this room!

We are super excited with how everything is coming together! And by the way, I decided to leave our Christmas decorations up on the mantle as our “winter decorations.” Don’t judge!

Happy Friday y’all!

Oooh we also made the leap & added three new “Nest” smoke detectors in the house (one for each floor). Instead of just going off with some annoying alarm, they talk to you. Excuse me, there appears to be smoke in the kitchen. AMAZING!

And finally, this is a little hint at our next project to come! Any guesses?

  1. Sarah Hoppes

    The changes look lovely! But your post kind of makes me want to watch The Big Lebowski. "That rug really tied the room together."

  2. Lelia Marie

    Oh this is beautiful! And it is so you. :-) Enjoy your new, cozy living room!

  3. Amanda Roth

    I love that you guys have an old home! Ours was built in 1900, and has so much beauty, history and character!

  4. Kristin H.

    Ahh it looks gorge!! As always. I absolutely looove the feel of that room. So cozy and inviting. Kept meaning to text you guys.. we ended up going with your contractors for new siding and windows on our house- LOVED them. Such a nice family. Now onto more projects.. Yeah, who wants a new house anyway?! Haha <3 you guys!

  5. Beth

    Its lovely! Do the new alarms bother Cooper? My dogs go crazy with a regular smoke detector.

  6. Saz

    hmmm I’m thinking next project=nursery…….

  7. Linda Kuo

    gorgeous. so beautiful. Laughing at "nest" Must get. Too funny!!

  8. Deborah Zoe

    The the new additions:)!

  9. Michele Ashley

    Love the throw pillows! So adorable!

  10. Lisa Cour

    I live what you’ve done with the place! You definitely have a gem there.

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