January 3, 2010

Married: Alison & Jeremiah (Part I)

You might remember Alison & Jeremiah from a post we did a while back. As I sat here trying to think about how best to talk about the kind of love they share, I knew there was no better way of saying it than what I had already written about them before. About how they love fearlessly. Without bounds. Without reason. Only knowing what the heart wants. So I thought I’d just let that post speak for itself.

Married: Alison & Jeremiah

We stood awash in puddles of umbrellas. Two here. Three there. All huddled together for warmth. Clinging to each other as the rain came down.

And oh did it ever come down.

In buckets, in bath tubs…it poured down on us with purpose and determination, and washed the day clean. It rained so hard our eyelashes grew heavy as they lined with tiny rain drops and the world in front of us went blurry.

And still…the rain came down.

They tried to talk her out of it. Told her to consider a safer, more comfortable option. To think about the alternative. But she just hiked up her dress, looked down at her wellies and said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m getting married.”

To him. In that moment there was nothing more she wanted than to stand out in the pouring rain under that tree….their tree…and marry him.

Because it was where they felt closest to everything they love. Everything that really matters in life. See, they stood out there because it wasn’t safe or comfortable. But because it was remarkable. And it was theirs. Just him and her and their love.

And it made them feel alive.

Ali you are beautiful on the inside & out. I can’t tell you how glad I am to know you!

I LOVED the bouquets!

And who doesn’t love a girl in wellies? Pink pretty ones at that?

The GORGEOUS Bedford Oak is over 500 years old.

Here we go!!

It was POURING at this moment & the rain on the lens gave us this crazy glow effect.

A&J did a traditional Native American vase ceremony.

LOVE this one!

Just Married!!!

Soaked, but happy!!

So much more to come in Part II!!!

  1. Alison Green


  2. Tracy Anne

    Gorgeous pics! Noticed Justin didn’t have any rain gear on his cameras… not even an umbrella. Do they stand up to rain better than I think? Maybe I’m just a fraidy cat when it comes to the elements and my gear.

  3. Maria Moschetto

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I keep looking at them over and over!

  4. Jessica Fike

    You all are troopers – bride and groom included! Don’t let the rain stand in the way of a good wedding and good pictures! Can’t wait to meet you all in DC on Friday! Lovely pictures!!!

  5. Alison Green

    I love all of these. The rain makes everything so beautiful. Epic photo of Justin!

  6. Justin Marantz

    @Tracy: lol, well, I couldn’t manage the umbrella and still shoot and move, so I ditched it.

    I had two cameras and two zooms on so I wouldn’t have to change lenses in the rain. The Nikon D2x with the 70-200 and the full frame D700 with the 17-35. Strangely it was the D2x that died by the end of the ceremony. The next day I also noticed moisture inside the 70-200 . So they all went back to Nikon for repair.

    Lesson learned, I think we’re going to invest in some better rain covers for 2010!

  7. Alice

    Sorry about the gear Justin, but you guys done good! What a great wedding… just love the determination to get it done under that amazing tree even though it was raining! Those Wellies and the brides beautiful dress make for an adorable photo!

  8. Christine Pobke

    Looooove these… sigh. And way to brave the rain, Justin! :) Totally worth it, I say, as the images are so so so gorgeous. :) xoxo Happy new years to you both!

  9. Lisa H. Chang

    LOVE that they got married in the pouring rain ~ cuz that was their tree! This couple definitely understands how to grasp on what’s meaningful and not let it go!

  10. Laura


  11. Nicole

    J&M – you are brilliant! this is gorgeous and inspiring, as everything you do is.

  12. Ravyn

    They say rain is bad luck on a wedding day, but I beg to differ. These images are so full of love and emotion. I think the rain made the photos even better. From the looks on their faces: They couldn’t even tell it was raining :) Great job guys, as always!!

  13. Sheree Strong

    You look beautiful. What a wonderful memory you and Jerimiah will have getting married underneath that tree of many years of memories.

  14. Alison Green

    We were blessed with very supportive bridemaids and photographers. We would not have been able to pull off this wet wedding without you guys. J&M, thank you so much. These photos are amazing and I can’t wait to see more. Hope you had a good 1st day of STL!!!

  15. Zach Gray

    Those water on the lens shots are bad A! Love this set and soooo cool that they did the ceremony despite the rain!! Great work guys!!

  16. Kyle

    Kudos to b&g for getting married in the rain! And the photos are great – especially #6.

  17. sarah

    a couple who gets married outside even in the rain???!! HOW FUN!!!

    i love the rainboot picture and the fab one of the fab umbrella and the bride.


  18. Meg

    That looked both intimate and fun!

  19. john pascale

    Ok, these are amazing, can’t wait for part II… Bring it on!

  20. Ray

    I admire this couple VERY MUCH for braving it out in the POURING rain on their WEDDING DAY! Such a cool couple. And it’s a great testament to their love. <3 Beautiful black and white shots. ;o)

  21. rachel darley

    wowzers! So dreamy, beautiful, and dripping with love! These are amazing photos (and omgosh I can’t believe you were drenched, J!!!)

  22. Vanessa

    What you need, Justin, is an umbrella hat! http://www.prankplace.com/product.aspx?p=27857&c=232&KBID=1103&SUB=UMBRELLAHAT&gclid=CNXZpZTAkp8CFRSdnAod-wpcJw

  23. Jacqulyne

    Simply Beautiful!

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