October 19, 2009

Married: Alison & Matt (Part I)

It’s in the way he looks at her. With awe and astonishment and quiet reverence. Like he’s looking at something precious. Something rare. Something that only comes along once in a lifetime And he doesn’t need anyone to tell him what he’s found. Because he knows it. Anyone could see he knows it. It’s in the way he looks at her.

It’s in the way he holds her. Gently and softly and with a quiet care. Like he’s holding something precious. Something rare. Something that only comes along once in a lifetime. And you can bet he doesn’t need anyone to tell him what he’s found. Because he knows it. Anyone could see he knows it.

Because it’s in the way he holds her.

Married: Alison & Matt

Alison & Matt were married on a day with light that was precious and rare. Just like what they’ve found with one another. It wrapped them up gently and softly and with a quiet care. Just grateful to be there to experience a love like theirs. And trust me, we know how it felt. Because we were just as grateful…just as honored to stand in the presence of a man loving a woman. And watch her loving him in return. Gently and softly and with a quiet care. Alison & Matt, thank you for inviting us in to your lives and treating us like family. We will never forget that. Ever.

With so much love,

Check out Ali’s BANGIN shoes!! Love them!

So Ali wore two dresses for the day. The one on the left was worn by her grandmother over 50 (or was it 60??) years ago. How cool is that?!

The two dresses:

The beautiful Miss Alison

Matt & Ali did a first look so she first put on her new Amsale dress for that.

The veil was super long and SUPER pretty!!

Matt arrived for the first look with his first love: his car. Pay special attention here because this will become important for Part II. I hope you’re doing your homework!

Here we go.

It was so amazing to watch Matt seeing Ali for the first time. I don’t know if I have ever seen a groom be more in awe of his bride. It was awesome!!

Just look at that golden light!!

Alison carried this gorgeous bouquet…

…and a bible that has been carried by the women in her family since 1864. They’ve all signed their names after carrying it. Incredible!!

LOVE love love this shot J grabbed of the veil!

C’mon….just look at how they look at each other!

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow!!

  1. Feuza

    I think this is my favorite first glance ever! the emotions are so real, love the one he is just admiring her dress and love love that Bible, man I want some traditions up in my family, that one is so so cool!

  2. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    First, LOVE those shoes! These images are all so beautiful. Love how you used the light to make everything so soft and romantic!

  3. Ray

    Wow, that bible tradition passed down from generation, to generation, to generation is AWESOME! I’d be honored to own something like that (especially since it dates back to 1864). I love it. And I also love how Alison wore her grandmother’s dress for part of the wedding. So sentimental. I love sentiments like. As for the photos: I love the photo of Matt laughing and Alison’s big smile. It’s a great you captured. =D

  4. Alison

    Beautiful story woven in the picture and the items of the day. Looking forward to seeing the rest!!

  5. maggieb

    oh yes!

  6. sadie

    wow, those are INCREDIBLE — just beautiful and breathtaking! excellent work :)

  7. Erika McCauley

    These are stunning photographs! I love how pure and REAL they are!

  8. Dennis Bullock

    Wonderful images and I love the Bible!

  9. Melissa

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Deborah Zoe

    I can’t wait to see what she looks like in the other dress!! These are beautiful! I love the light, everything! And that Bible, what a great tradition!

  11. paul

    I LOVE nostalgia it make me a "feel" the past. Like all of those lovely women that held that bible:)

  12. Julia

    First looks ROCK!! Alison and Matt- the emotion that is emanating from these pictures is really touching!! Your love is as beautiful as you are!!

  13. Eric Foley

    Love the feel of romance in these images.

  14. Tira J

    Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Wedding, and a Beautiful tradition with the Bible. Very special.

  15. Erica Velasco

    How gorgeous is she!

  16. Katelyn

    Oh lala! I love how classy she is!! Beautiful work! :)

  17. Katie

    OOOH Love the first look photos! Amazing job capturing them in pictures!

  18. Matt

    Veil shot is incredible. Perfect.

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