October 27, 2009

Married: JC & Esther (Part I)

Alright, welcome to the eye candy smorgasbord that *is* JC & Esther’s wedding. Now right here is where I would usually write an intro, giving you a glimpse into what these two are like as a couple. But for JC & Esther, I think their intro best belongs with Part II: their first look. Because their first look was everything that they are together: real, heartfelt, inspiring. So you’ll just have to wait for that! But for now, let’s do our stretches and get warmed up for tomorrow with a lil’ “getting ready” intro! Ready? Let’s go!

Esther’s stunning dress was handmade for her by JC’s Aunt Norma. Every stitch was perfectly Esther!

Justin grabbed this banging shot of Esther’s ring, which is GORGEOUS!


While Esther was getting her makeup done, JC was hanging out with his guys where they were doing a tasting of some of the most fabulous beers on the planet. Our favorite is the one in the middle (much more on this to come!)


As JC was getting ready, Esther had this letter delivered to him…

Little did Esther know that JC had some tricks up his own sleeves. He texted her and told her to look in the drawer, where she found this box. Inside was a book with pictures from their proposal. The kicker? She had absolutely *NO* idea that anyone had been there taking pictures of the proposal which happened over a year ago. JC held on to that secret the entire time and waited to surprise Esther with the book on their wedding day. How amazing is that?! And oh yea…as an added bonus: a little blue box!! This is Esther calling JC in shock.

Esther has the most beautiful curly hair

Esther was SO cute when she turned around to show everyone. LOVE that face!!

Esther’s sister got her this card


Esther you are so beautiful!

We’ll leave you with a lil’ anticipation as we get ready to head off for the first look. Stay tuned!!

  1. Eric Foley

    Love the lighting on these, really! That shot of Esther on the couch is sweet.

  2. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    The best thing about this post is that it’s Part I, which means you’re going to share lots more gorgeous images from this wedding! Just… wow!!

  3. Talia

    Beautiful! I can not wait to see the rest!

  4. Jil

    "Yowza" is right! That b&w shot is INTENSE… beautiful job as always!!

  5. Dennis Bullock

    Gorgeous guys! Love your black and whites…

  6. Rick O

    Love the light its beautiful and the dress detail shots & couch shots (WOW HOT HOT HOT!)

  7. Rene Tate

    LOVE the handmade dress! That’s what I’m doing someday. :) Cant wait for more!

  8. Tira J

    LOVE her dress! What a HOT couple!

  9. Marissa Rodriguez

    SO sweet! I love that he had someone to take pictures at their engagement and that he was able to surprise her with such a sweet gift!!!

  10. Nicole Glenn

    He held on to a secret for an entire year! Whoa! What a creative gift! Wonderful images!!

  11. Applem00n

    great lighting! lucky bride!

  12. Thina Doukas

    Great Pics guys! Keep up the tremendous work.. cheers from Thina Doukas in Sydney

  13. denise karis

    ohmygoodness she looks like a painting! what a beautiful couple – – the necklace is LOOOVELY!

  14. Heidi

    You guys did an amazing job!!! Can’t wait for Part 2!

  15. katie denise

    These pictures are beautiful! I love their story. I couldn’t stop smiling as I read about all the little love gifts. So cute.

  16. Alexandra

    Wow these are fantastic! I’m loving each and every single one of them. They are SO beautiful! I love the sweet surprises they had for each other :) So cute.

  17. JC & E

    We probably check your blog at least 50 times every day. You share the most incredible pictorial narratives with as much emotion as we felt that day. Can’t wait to see how the story turns out! ;)

  18. Michelle Guzman

    GORGEOUS!!!!! The details are so beautifully captured.

  19. Alisa Greig

    LOVE them all, as usual :) I recognize her shoes, I shot the same ones, funny thing is it was for a bride on the same day-9.06.09! Your posts are always so fabulous and inspiring, I would like to be like you guys when I grow up!

  20. Black Diamond

    These are incredible! So vivid and truly captivating.

  21. Ray

    The gift of the proposal photo book is so awesome! JC did good. ;o)

  22. feuza

    Wow, that show of her sitting and perhaps facing a window is what I want all my pictures to look like, love that sharpness

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