September 8, 2010

Married: Jenn & Bryan (Part I)

Good Wednesday morning!! I thought we could jump start the middle of your week with a whole lotta wedding goodness from Jenn & Bryan. You’ll remember these guys from the bocce ball bridal party sneak peek we showed you a while back. Well now it’s time to reveal the whole day. First up, we have the getting ready and ceremony….but don’t worry, we have a lot more bridal party fun coming your way in Part II. For now, let’s start with our beautiful bride, Jenn, and her equally fabulous shoes! :)

Married: Jenn & Bryan

A glittery pair of Louboutin’s? Oui si’l vous plait! (Translation: yes please!!)

The day is always that much better with a sparkly dress and a lil’ Chanel.

I loved how delicate and classic Jenn’s bouquet was!

Meanwhile, Justin was hanging out with Bryan while he was getting some very cool gifts from Jenn: cufflinks made out of the seats from Shea Stadium (more on those to come!)….

….and some killer shades.

Julia & I hung back with the ladies, where the dress buttoning was a team effort.

Jenn I ADORE you!! You are beautiful and you light up everyone around you!

Now it was Jenn’s turn to get some gifts. First up, Bryan ALSO got sunglasses for Jenn…how crazy is that?!

But he didn’t stop there….

….this necklace and earrings were also part of the gift.

Jenn’s mom is my favorite!! I just loved her!

The bridesmaids were super fashionable and photogenic!!

Here we go!! (How can you not love Jenn’s dad?!)

LOVE this set from Julia!

AND this one! Julia was on FIRE during the ceremony. Well not literally…that would be weird!

Mr. & Mrs!!!

Ten minute rule in full effect!

FULL effect!

Now off for some bocce ball!! Join us for that in Part II coming soon!!

  1. Caitlin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these – how great are the colors! OMG and the shoes, YES PLEASE!!

  2. Samantha Harkins

    The bridesmaids dresses and those pendants are amazing. And the shoes? WOW.

  3. Geri

    OH MY GOD! How awesome are those shoes.

    Love your work – so glad Aunt Ginny introduced me to your site.

  4. {15:51} photography

    I love the French…nice touch ;)

  5. Girish

    Beautiful shots.

    After a long time I have seen in-church shots during the ceremony.

    Beautiful. Minimal light but such clean shots.

  6. Marissa Rodriguez

    *GASP* Those shoes!!!!! Totally just made my day :)

  7. TracyWB

    Did you use any flash at all in the church or is it all natural light? Lovely photos (as usual!).

  8. MM

    @Tracy: It was all natural b/c the church didn’t allow flash

  9. Suzanne

    Amazing pictures! It was such a beautiful day. Love Jen’s shoes and dress. Bryan looked great with his tails also. Congrats to both of you.

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