November 18, 2009

Married: Jill & Pete (Part I)

Isn’t it funny how no matter what it is you’re building- a house, a future, a home- you always come back to needing the very same things? Patience for the process. Attention to the detail. A strong foundation. A soft place to land. The best laid plans and the wisdom to know when to follow your gut. And people around you who will work tirelessly with their own two hands because deep down they believe in whatever it is you are building too.

This is what they have together. Share together. Build together. A house. A future. A home.

And the love of everyone who surrounds them….because deep down it is easy to believe in everything they are building.

Married: Jill & Pete

Jill & Pete took on the gargantuan task of both planning a wedding and building their first house at the same time. They did it all themselves, with the help of friends & family of course. And when they were done, they had something they could be proud of. Should be proud of. Because it was built from the ground up with their own two hands. And all the ingredients they would ever need for building this life together. Jill & Pete, thank you for everything. For including us in your day and letting us witness everything you are together. We love you guys!

So much love,

Jill is just STUNNING! I think she looks just like Emmy Rossum….you know but with red hair! :)

Pete was looking pretty handsome himself!

Jill’s flowers were GORGEOUS!

Like Jill herself!

LOVE this one J grabbed!

Now here’s a little back story. Jill’s dad is a contractor and has been helping them build their new house from the ground up. Well, the night BEFORE the wedding he fell off a ladder and broke his arm. Seriously!! But… as dad’s do, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps and put on a brave face to be there to walk his daughter down the aisle. As someone who has watched her own dad get beaten & banged up all his life in the pursuit of building his daughter’s future quite literally with his own two hands….I can’t think about this part without bursting into tears! So you can just imagine how I was on the wedding day!

Anxiously awaiting JIll to enter the church

Here we go!! The shot on the left is in the reflection of the mirror. The one on the right is the real deal.

Pete can’t wait to see her! (As you can see, we had a lot of competition at this ceremony! But that’s ok…we say bring it on!! :)

Just Married!!

Stay tuned for Part II, coming at ya!!

  1. Jill

    It’s so amazing and exciting to relive it all again – thank you soooo much for everything :)

  2. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    She does look like Emmy Rossum! So beautiful and elegant… she looks like royalty!

  3. jamie delaine

    I TOTALLY see the Emmy resemblance!! :)

  4. adrian hitt

    what a stunning bride! great captures of her. i love the first and the triple reflection in the old mirror.

  5. Ronda

    ……not much makes me speechless…..or brings tears to my eyes……

  6. Justine

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I Loooouurrrve comments!! so thanks. Glad you did so because I got to stumble upon an amazing talent. Your work is awesome. It’s very exciting when I coma across a great blog to follow and one I know I will look forward to seeing posts from. YAY

  7. Bobbie Brown

    Love that mirror shot!

  8. cassandra m

    oh la la…..GORGEOUS and then some.

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