December 15, 2009

Married: Joanna & Corey (Part I)

It’s a lot like ice cream. Yep…just like that.

It takes sweetness and surprises and the blending of things that are already awesome on their own. But together… they create something bigger than the sum of their parts. Because when you can find that perfect combination where a good foundation meets all the unexpected ingredients that somehow make it sweeter, then you’ve found a flavor you can fall in love with for the rest of your life.

It all started with ice cream. Yep…just like that.

It took sweetness and surprises and the blending of two things that are already awesome on their own. But together….they create something bigger than themselves. Bigger than who they are apart. Because when you start with a good foundation and add in all the unexpected ingredients that somehow make it sweeter, then you’ve found something you can fall in love with…over and over again…for the rest of your life.

Married: Joanna & Corey

For Joanna & Corey, it all started with ice cream. From those first few dates in college and back to the same place for the proposal. These two were married on a day that was all about sweetness and the blending of two flavors that were always meant to go together. Like mint and chocolate chip. Strawberries and cream. Butter and pecan. Joanna & Corey, what we wish for you is a life full of sweetness and all the unexpected things that somehow make it even better. Just keep going back to how it all started, and I know you’ll always have that!! We love you guys!

So much love,

Step one: start with an exquisite bride. Check!!

Step two: add in some fierce shoes. Check and check!

Joanna you are BEAUTIFUL!

Step 3: add handsome groom for good measure. Annnnnd check.

Top it all off with with great moments like this, and you’ve got yourself the makings of one awesome wedding!!


Stay tuned for Part II coming at ya soon!!

  1. Jil

    ooooh…. as our wedding gets ever closer, i get more and more emotional looking at your gorgeous pics. THANKS GUYS!

  2. Ali Green

    Very beautiful! Nice choice in bridesmaids dresses!! :-)

  3. Harmony Loves

    just gorgeous! I love the b&w, very beautiful

  4. Emily

    Absolutely beautiful wedding!! I just LOVE the b&w’s.

  5. Bobbie Brown


  6. imthiaz houseman

    that first image is killer. what a beautiful couple

  7. Stephanie Stewart

    Beautiful wedding and couple! Gorgeous details, love that shoe shot!!! Wowza!

  8. Joana

    You guys rock! They look AMAZING!

  9. Kristen

    ABSOLUTELY stunning!!!

  10. Ray

    I love that close-up color shot of Joanna & Corey kissing. And I absolutely love the two last photos of the ring bearer and grandma blowing bubbles. "SO SWEET!" =o) Questions: what kind of paper do you use to print up your clients photos? And what kind of printer do you use? (Just curious.)

  11. Melissa

    These look beautiful! Great job!!

  12. Margaret

    GORGEOUS photos!!! I can’t decide which I like better — the B&W’s or the color. The shot of Joanna & Corey kneeling at the alter …smiling and holding hands is priceless. Justin did an excellent job with Part 1; looking forward to seeing the rest :-)

  13. Loren

    Beautiful pictures!! They are so unique! I especially love the photo of the bridesmaids dresses from behind.

  14. Melissa

    These pictures are absouletely amazing!!! Love the black and whites!!!

  15. Stacey

    Joanna, you look so amazing. These are beautiful pictures! Congratulations again, all the best to you and Corey!


    Wow How Beautiful all the pictures are!!!!!! Joanna & Corey, may your Love Last an Eternity!!!
    We Love you and Miss You!!!!


    I love the pictures, what a beautiful wedding! We had a great time.
    Love Phil…

  18. kristy

    Wow!! so beautiful!! Great pictures, totally captured the happiness!!

  19. Christie

    Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Wishing you all the best! <3

  20. Jamie

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  21. Mary G

    I can’t stop looking at these pictures..they’re gorgeous!

  22. Erin S.

    These are gorgeous photos! I love how moments were captured in such a natural beautiful way. :)

  23. Lynne

    The pics are amazing.

  24. Christine

    These are absolutely stunning! Beautiful bride, beautiful groom, beautiful wedding and uh-ma-ZING photos. Great job!

  25. Matt

    Great pictures.

  26. Kevin Crotty

    Great shots! You guys look like movie stars!

  27. Jessica Smith

    Holy Moly I love it all! I absolutely love the shots of her bridesmaids you got! Beautifully done, so artistic! All the black and white ones of them getting ready, so classic! and her bouquet was gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see more :0)

  28. Danielle

    Joanna, you are the most beautiful bride! I love your pictures!

  29. Patti Poulos

    I love your smile. Never Stop!

  30. Britt

    DYING TO SEE PART2!!!!!!!! Great photos!!!!!!!!

  31. HelloIsJaneThere?

    Awesome pictures!

  32. Will Haltwalker

    Beautiful pictures. Corey is the man!

  33. Greg Lougaynis

    I love your photos, Joanna. I love you.

  34. ARH's BFF

    Love you, Joanna & Corey! These are fabulous pictures!!!!

  35. Amanda Valencia

    Beautiful Pics!!!!!! Miss You!!!!

  36. Angela Figueroa

    Such beautiful pictures!!!!

  37. Ralph

    The black and white pictures are so AWESOME!!!!! Lot’s of Happiness always!

  38. Monica

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful, perfect even! Congratulaitons to the happy couple!

  39. Sally M. Hansen

    Great photos! What a happy, great looking couple!

  40. Maria

    WOW! what a beautiful wedding… beautiful bride and the pictures were taken at perfect angles… the black and white… rich colors… saturation… amazing!!! Congrats to the newly weds!

  41. Alexiss <3

    Gorgeous <3 Congrats!

  42. Hil

    great pics!!!

  43. Tiffany

    Beautiful!!!!! I love your smile Joanna…Congratulations!!!!

  44. Amanda Araujo

    CONGRATS Mrs.Paino :) i dont know ur married name is but i thought i would leave a comment. :) you look amazing congrats

  45. Deb

    Beautiful pictures, we had an awesome time.


  46. Jaci Hatcher

    The pictures are amazing, they truly capture how gorgeous the two of you are!!

  47. Sue Ruggeri

    What gorgeous pictures – what a gorgeous couple.

  48. Dad H.

    We know how great you two are together. Now we have great pictures too!

  49. Mom H.

    A beautiful bride for my handsome son. We love you both! Looking forward to seeing the rest! xo

  50. Chloe

    Amazing pictures!!!! I can’t wait to see part 2…

  51. Maria

    simply beautiful

  52. Mickey Logan

    Sweet pics!

  53. Mark Perri

    These pics are great. Wish I knew about this company 16 years ago when I was married.

  54. Erica Velasco

    Her bouquet is so unique!

  55. Madison

    Just Lovely!!!! A beautiful Couple!!!

  56. Mother Nybs

    Watching Corey grow up, maturing and marrying a beautiful bride – great day! Wedding pics always make me smile

  57. Drew Figueroa

    Very Nice! Congratulations!!!

  58. Martha

    Congratulations!!!! Your Pictures are so Beautiful!!!

  59. Marie

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!

  60. Lisa Ruggiero

    these are beautiful! congrats guys =)

  61. Damian Figueroa

    Great Pictures! Congrats!

  62. Am Joe & Cole

    Amazing pics and an amazing couple! The pics make us feel like we’re there all over again!! :)

  63. Ricky

    Very Nice!!!! Congratulations!

  64. kelly beane

    Simply stunning! Every image is so beautiful!

  65. Chanel

    Joanna you look so beautiful!!! What a beautiful couple!!!!!

  66. Christine Ambrosino

    I always knew Joanna was beautiful inside and out… I saw her grow up into a beautiful little girl and now a beautiful young woman… I am thrilled to know her and these pictures are fantastic!! They really capture Joanna’s personality of fun and exciting! I do not know Corey… but you are a lucky man…. Good Luck to you both! Will save these pictures forever to keep lookin at… a fairytale wedding that i only hoped for in my life… enjoy!!!

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