October 16, 2008

Married: Julia & Mike

It’s in the details.

It’s what makes it unique. Makes it different. Makes it them. It’s the thoughtful cards at each place setting, the time it takes to add humor to the ordinary, the care that went into the design. It’s flowers in antique medicine bottles, surprise drumstick favors, and chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing. It’s paper windmills, polka dot dresses, and the most amazing pair of yellow heels. It’s the perfect sparkly headband, white converse tennis shoes, and a 1949 green vintage truck with whitewall tires. It’s a J.Crew dress meets a J. Crew suit. And anyone could see, it’s a perfect fit.

It’s in the details.

It’s what makes it unique. Makes it different. Makes it them. It’s the thoughtful cards for no apparent reason, the time it takes to add humor to the ordinary, the care that goes into the design. It’s flowers when you least expect it, a hug when you really need it, and doing more for the other person than you would ever think to do for yourself. It’s cooking dinner, and making coffee, and picking new paint colors for the dining room wall. It’s listening to music, and planting flowers, and working together side by side as you take on life’s chores. It’s the way he looks at you like no one in the world could ever be more loved. It’s boy meets girl. And anyone could see, it’s a perfect fit.

Married: Julia & Mike

Ok, so you guys know how I LOVE details, right? Practically LIVE for them, right? Well, let’s just say Julia & Mike just made my whole year!! They had their delicious wedding at The Carousel at Lighthouse Point, and every detail was so thought out, so exquisite that there were many times throughout the day that I thought I might have just died and gone to heaven!!! We had the adorable Sarah McCoy along to shoot this one with us, and needless to say…we had a blast!

The Guys getting ready

Julia was so stunning all day. I grabbed this shot and the next one with the buttery 85 1.4!

LOVE this sparkly lil’ headband!

Her flowers were some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen!! I just could not stop shooting them!

Love the anticipation in this moment!

AND this one!

The organ at the church made such a cool backdrop during the ceremony.

As a surprise for Mike the drummer (see PH post below!), Julia ordered these custom drumsticks with their names and wedding date on them and had everyone banging them as they ran out of the church! How awesome is that???

The ringbearers rockin’ out!

How beautiful is this flower girl?

Good times with the truck…

Lovin the shoes!

This shot feels right out of the 1950s to me!

More bouquet goodness

A little fun with a frame Sarah happened to have in her car.

The flower girls took off running with these umbrellas! C’mon!!


Julia’s Grandpa giving his toast

And the best man’s toast

First dance

The Carousel at night

  1. Amanda Herzberger

    SOOOO pretty – love all the blue and the beautiful carousel – what a neat place to shoot!

  2. Samantha Jones

    Wow – what incredible details. I love those yellow shoes!

  3. Robert J. Trenske

    LOVE the details in this wedding and the truck. Great job you guys… when are we getting together? :)

  4. Julia (and Mike too!)

    1. Happy Birthday! 2. Happy Anniversary!! 3. AWESOME shots of Mikey G on the drums!!! 4. OH MY GOSH!!! I teared up approximately 10 times before finishing the wedding post! Thank you for capturing what makes us us so perfectly!

  5. Molly

    I love that those are my friends! I have been addicted to this blog since Julia posted about the engagement pictures. This post is exactly Mike & Julia. Just gorgeous!

  6. Val McCormick Photography

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the details and bright colors. So fun. Such a fun place for a wedding. I was there the following weekend with Jay Fleming. Will be posting soon ;-)

    Miss you guys, lunch soon?

    ~BIG HUGS~

  7. robin dini

    c’mon! seriously! could it get any better than that! a picturesque new england/lighthouse/marantz lovin’ wedding! great job on ALL the details and props to the amazing couple. Job well done!

  8. robert Norman

    just beautiful – and I have NEVER seen custom drumsticks—love it. Their invite text/graphics are amazing!!!

  9. Bianca

    looove the yellow shoes and the boys kicks! Julia, you looked beautiful! CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  10. Jill Spigarolo

    These pics look like they were right out of a magazine! Beautiful in every way. Congrats and wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together!

  11. laura stetser

    I absolutely love your creative focus and composition – so inspiring! Beautiful again.

  12. carla ten eyck

    wuh-OW! So many beautiful shots!

    the one of the ring with ehr holding her fingers is MINT

    love the shoes off the truck too!!

  13. Aunt Rosemarie

    The pictures are just beautiful, and the poses so creative! You really captured the fun and beauty of Mike and Julia’s special day.

  14. April Hollingsworth

    I wish we had thought about the drumstick favors for my brother’s wedding. Awesome!

  15. maggieb

    I LOVE revisiting this site.. Thanks Mary and Justin.

  16. LindsayM

    I love everything about these shots – looks like such a fun wedding to have been at! Loving the groom’s sneakers!

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