December 5, 2009

Married: Katie & Tony (Part I)

They love…ferociously.

Fiercely. Fearlessly. Fully. The kind of love that would let them stand out in a windstorm and barely feel the breeze. Huddle in the rain and brush away the drops. Because with her hand in his, they step out in to the future knowing that all that they already have is all they’ll ever need. A love that stays the course no matter what they weather. So bring on the storm. She’ll just put on a pretty dress and dance with him in the rain.

Because they love ferociously. Fiercely. Fearlessly.


Married: Katie & Tony

Katie & Tony were married on a day when the rain came down. And it came to stay. But, because they love ferociously, these guys just grabbed an umbrella and soaked in their day. And as the rain poured over my face and matted my hair to my forehead, I smiled through the storm at a love undaunted. A love just happy being together and knowing that’s all they’ll ever need. It was an honor to witness. And a lesson we won’t soon forget. Katie & Tony, thank you for the reminder to live in love every single day. In every kind of weather. May you guys always dance in the rain!

So much love,

Katie you are the epitome of all things beautiful. Gorgeous!!

Katie & Tony did a First Look, which you know we LOOOOOOOVE! And it’s a good thing they did too because it was pitch DARK after the ceremony!!

  1. imthiaz houseman

    their portraits are killer! beautiful work guys.

  2. Irina

    The 9th one from the bottom of them hugging under the umbrella is so beautifully poetic.. but they’re all great photos. Beautiful job you two.

  3. maggieb

    just love how you always capture the "couple chemistry" – every wedding post is a true personal signature and tribute to their own love and lives.

  4. Dennis Bullock

    The images in the rain are amazing and her dress is gorgeous!

  5. feuza

    This is so fairytale like! love that portrait of the dress hanging, so differant, so many textures, love ite

  6. Lisa H. Chang

    Fabulous! I love the wedding dress picture with the reflections – what an awesome expression of place and time!

  7. Amy Clifton

    Wow, that was some serious rain! The shots of them snuggling under the umbrella are so beautiful.

  8. Mia

    You two look amazing! It was almost as if the rain wasn’t there! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Debra LaCour

    If I didn’t know the bride, I would have thought these were two models doing an ad. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  10. Letitia

    These are quite possibly the most stunning wedding photos I have ever seen!
    I cried at the lovely intro and the beautiful photos that followed. Simply amazing. :)

  11. Mike Valanzola

    Looking beautiful as always!!! I’m so sorry I missed it! I’ve heard nothing but great things about the entire wedding.

  12. Letitia

    Debra – what are you talking about?! They ARE models!!! ;)

  13. Amanda

    My favorite is the series of Katie walking up from behind… such great expressions!

  14. Lizzie

    You look so in love! Katie, I think you missed your calling as a model. You two could be a perfume ad:)

  15. Caitlin

    What gorgeous photos! I love that the rain didn’t ruin their day.

  16. Rebecca G

    Beautiful! These came out great. The weather only adds to the beauty of the pictures. Congrats you two!

  17. Cheryl T.

    The sensuality, romance and love the couple have for one another is captured in these photos. Best I have seen!

  18. tooleh

    My mom and I love love love the rain series… spectacular idea

  19. Erin Willet

    What a dream come true.The rain,the dress,the smiles,the embraces…wow!

  20. Trevor

    Wow you guys look great! No offense to the photographer but seriously, they couldn’t have possibly taken bad pictures of you two.

  21. Frank

    I don’t think these photos could have been better had you screen tested a thousand professional models to pose for them. Stunning.

  22. Aunt Charlene

    Beautiful love and beautiful photos. May you always be as happy as you were on that special day.

  23. Lisa P

    Beautiful pictures : ) I really wish we could have made it!

  24. Anya

    Katie, you look so beautiful (and those shoes! ). I love the ones of the two of you outside in the rain–it just looks like such a magical moment!

  25. Holly

    The pictures in the rain are absolutely Amazing!!!

  26. Katie

    I don’t know which one I love more!

  27. Raymond

    These pictures are amazing, really captures the moment!

  28. Steven

    I love the last one!

  29. Shops

    What a loving, lovely couple!

  30. Ray

    "You could stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh!" LOL! =P Gorgeous umbrella shots. Leave it to you to make rainy moments; classy. ;o) And I love that photo of Katie’s dressing hanging on the mirror. That background is gorgeous. It looks so old-fashioned. I love it.

  31. Ray

    *Katie’s dress

  32. heidi j tobias

    I’ve seen many wedding pictures, but these are by far some of the most beautiful, sensual, dramatic and adorable photos I have EVER seen. What a treat………………… to you both. You deserve the very best.

  33. Janet


  34. Mr. Poopers

    Please come visit me at my new house. I love to be scratched behind the ears! Mr. Poopers

    ps Katie: you did Martha Stewart proud I loved the bouquet that you and bridesmaids carried. Cynthia

  35. ms Givens

    Very nostalgic. Very true pictures. I feel like I was there myself.

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