August 4, 2009

Married: Kim & Joel

He’s the kind of guy who still sends love letters. Opens doors, surprises with flowers. The kind of guy who counts down the days until he gets to marry his best friend, soul mate, love. He’s the type of guy who was born to be married, and will spend his very last breath trying every day to be a good husband. To her. He’s kind & compassion and love at first sight.

And she knew it the first moment she laid eyes on him.

She’s the kind of girl who sends cards for no reason. Opens doors he never even knew were closed. The kind of girl who counts her blessings every day that she gets to marry her best friend, soul mate, love. She’s the type of girl who was born to be married, and will spend her very last breath reaching out her hand. To him. She’s softness & laughter and love at first sight.

And he knew it the first moment he laid eyes on her.

Married: Kim & Joel

These guys were married on a sunny day in June. And with the criz-azy weather we’ve been having this summer, I think we all know just how rare that is. But see Kim & Joel are a rare kind of couple…and they deserved a day that was nothing less.

Julia & I went to hang with the ladies, while Justin was chillin’ with Joel and the guys. The first stop was a diner for breakfast and then they headed back to the hotel to get ready, where Joel showed J the cards that he’d been giving to Kim every day leading up to the wedding. How amazing are these??

Kim, you shine from the inside out!!

Kim & Joel had the most KILLER details….more of those to come!

The light coming through this window at the back of the church was INSANE! I was in the back grabbing this….

…while Justin was in the front positioning himself to grab this shot!

Then Kim & Joel did something that just made our little photographer hearts melt like buttah. They gave us….time. They blocked out a good two and a half hours between the ceremony and cocktail hour for us all to go play. And take pictures. And rock poses. This is just the tiniest sample of everything we got that day.

Then we headed back so we could start grabbing some detail shots before all the guests got there, and boy are we glad we did!! The theme for this wedding was “Our Love Grows” and the green/organic vibe was incorporated in everything from the guest cards…

to the centerpieces and table names. Pay special attention to those table names as Joel (a graphic designer) came up with the concept for them himself. The number of things in the picture is the same number as the table. See?

Three water drops for table three. Isn’t the artwork he did amazing?? They went all the way up to like Table 15 or something and the thought that went into them just blows me away!

Kim & Joel’s first dance was off the chain!! It started out all slow and romantic, and then busted into this saucy lil’ latin number that they choreographed. I LOVED it!!

This guy on the right was burnin up the dance floor all night long. I think he had more energy than we did!!

At the end of the night we got to go back out and grab some moodier portraits of K&J.

Kim & Joel, I hope you guys had an AMAZING honeymoon and are soaking up the married life like a sponge takes to water. We wish you a heart full of well wishes for a life full of love. That just grows and grows and grows.

So much love!

  1. Rene Tate

    Man, two and a half hours? What do the guests do during that time?

  2. Dennis Bullock

    Guys this is a fantastic, classic and super duper wedding coverage you gave them here. Good stuff … you give me the umpf to grow when you post this stuff!

  3. Grandma Jennie

    Awesome!!!! What a great job you did capturing the unique love shared by a very special couple. The pictures captured the very essence of Kim and Joel’s love and commitment to each other and their close bonds to family and friends.

  4. oneshotbeyond

    These are stunning as usual. Excellent captures!

  5. MM

    @Rene: The guests headed back to the hotel and freshened up. Some changed clothes. It was actually a very nice break there for everybody!

  6. Adrienne Gunde

    Love these, especially all of the stunning portraits! The details are absolutely amazing… love those guest cards tucked into the grass and of course those awesome table number cards!

  7. Jackie L.

    What a beautiful wedding! Great job!

  8. Onada Photography

    Beautiful! I love the details!!

  9. Linda Holcomb

    Loved the pictures . You seem to capture the love Kim and Joel share . I can not wait to see the rest of them.

  10. Devo & Brenda

    WOW! What amazing shots of you guys! Good luck choosing just a couple to hang on the walls of the house! Ha! Beautiful!!

  11. Brandi

    Beautiful couple and lovely details. 2.5 hours for photos? Color me jealous! :) Great work as always.

  12. betty

    What A lovely couple, And lovely photos

  13. Mom and Dad Barbosa

    These amazing pictures brought tears of joy to our eyes. We are so proud of our Son and our new Daughter. May love be in every step you take, in every word you speak, and in every choice you make in your life together. May God Bless You Always.

  14. Anne Nunn Photographers

    those are amazing! great getting ready and bride & groom shots! …and everything else too! :)

  15. Ray

    I love how the photos feel so light and airy. And I loved their them, "Our Love Grows." So cute. And great attention to detail on the tables there.

  16. Emily Beaty

    Beautiful wedding! I love all the portraits and how you had plenty of time for them. Gorgeous!

  17. Beyond The Lens Photography

    These are awesome guys. I love the green hedge for the group shot and all of the B&W shots. Awesome work as usual!!!

  18. ERica Velasco

    I love the details…how cute is she too by the way!

  19. Carole

    These are beyond beautiful, Congratulations Kim amd Joel

  20. Kim and Joel

    Thank you Justin, Mary and Julia for everything you did for us and for using your amazing talent to tell the story of our wedding. You took some INCREDIBLE photos of our special day, and we don’t see how they could be more perfect. From the angles, to the tones, to the candid moments…you really captured the essence of our wedding. We cannot thank you enough!

  21. Terry

    These pictures are phenomenal. Beautiful couple – and I just LOVE the theme!! I hope you love continues to grow and grow.

  22. Whitney Gray

    ABSOLUTELY gorgeous down to every detail!!!!

  23. Leslie

    Amazing!!!!! I got a little teary… :)

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