April 27, 2011

Married: Malika & Vinay (Part I)

She stood at the front of the aisle and looked down at the microphone as she took one long, last deep breath. The words were there, she knew they were. They had been there all along. But still she wondered how she could ever take all that was in her heart, and somehow amplify it enough for him to hear it the way she felt it. Deeply. Fully. Completely. Enough for every moment still left to be written. For a lifetime yet to unfold.

He reached a hand to her heart to to let her know that he was there. That he had been there all along. And as he stared into the face of his future, he couldn’t help but wonder if there would ever be enough hours and minutes in the day to show her everything that was in his heart. To make her see it the way he felt it. Gratefully. Unquestioningly. Without fail. Enough to try every single day for the rest of their lives to show her what she means to him. As day builds into day, and a lifetime together unfolds.

Married: Malika & Vinay

Malika & Vinay were married at the Temecula Creek Inn in Temecula, CA on a day where who they and their families are as people and to their very core, inspired hope and a renewed sense of faith in me. As they stood at the microphone at the end of the night and thanked everyone from the waitstaff to the band to us as the photographers for making their day what it was, I burst into tears behind my camera. And I wondered if there would ever be the words to explain to them what that meant to us. To make them hear it the way I felt it. I just know that there are really incredible people in this world. People who care way more about others than they do about themselves. People who are genuine and who radiate love and grace out to all who surround them. I know this, because I get to photograph them. And more importantly because I now get to call them friends. Malika & Vinay (and to all of your families), we will never, ever forget how good you were to us that weekend. And I swear to you that we will pay it forward. Thank you for what you teach us about love. We are truly better people for having met you.

So, so much love,

*** We were also so unbelievably lucky to have Jeff Youngren (someone else who inspires and renews hope & faith in me) along to help us out last minute on this wedding. More on that to come, but just know that all of the pretty shots are his. :)

LOVED Malika’s shoes!!

Malika, there are no words! You are GORGEOUS my friend!

After Malika had her makeup done, we headed over to hang out with Vinay at the Guest House. Which was sorta over the river and through the woods of the gorgeous Temecula Creek :)

Vinay lookin’ good!

And then it was time for Malika to get dressed!! So we headed back over the river and through the woods of the gorgeous Temecula Creek! :)


GAH! Those colors!

The Jewelry!

So, so, pretty!

Malika, you are stunning!!

First look time!

Come on! How pretty are these two?!?

I just love this moment!

After the first look, we headed over to a grassy hill nearby.

The light at Temecula Creek was so yummy!


Be sure to check back in for Part II! It is wedding goodness overload!

  1. Rupa

    Beautiful! LOVE that they did a first look – so rare with Indian weddings but so powerful!!

  2. ajira

    What a GORGOUS couple!! My goodness. Stunning!!

    Cannot wait to photograph an Indian wedding myself, someday! :D

  3. Brian Palmer

    Beautiful work, love how their portraits looks and how you both captured the getting ready…almost feel a part of it. Great job!


    These images are stunning. It is no wonder they requested you from across the US. A very photogenic couple and you created ART!

  5. Tira J

    Sooooooo beautiful! Just gushing over how beautiful everyone and everything is. And in looking the images, I could hear your voices from our time together last week. Can’t wait for part 2. xoxo

  6. Casey Figlewicz

    These are so beautiful!!

  7. Cheryl

    These are stunning!!! What a gorgeous couple and you brought out even more of their beauty – awesome!

  8. Lara

    I’m loving the image of them amongst the trees and the mountain behind them..gorgeous.

  9. maggieb

    "Color this" dazzlingly divine!

  10. Jil

    love the colors … so beautiful!!

  11. Ray

    Gorgeous photos! Loving the colors! ;o) And your introduction for this couple was the best one yet. They sound awesome.

  12. Girish

    Absolutely stunning. Fantastic.

    The Indian weddings are full of colors. This surely adds up the great photographs.

    Wonderful work, looking for part ii

  13. Malika

    You guys ROCK MY WORLD. I have no words.

  14. Alison

    Love the pictures! I would love to see te album when it is done! I will truly miss working with Malika & Vinay – they have become friends to all of us that worked with them. So gracious and happy!

  15. Neera Kashyap

    Beautiful pictures of 2 beautiful people. Wishing you eternal happiness together.

  16. Mira Dalvi

    guys……….you look absolutely stunning…..fantastic enuf to grace the covers of any fashion magazine! wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! hope to see you soon! loads of love & hugs

  17. suman

    I just love the way you have displayed your precious belongings–very creative, indeed.
    All my best, like always!

  18. Kirralee

    Love the hena!

  19. Vineet Gupta

    At a loss for words. The photographs are absolutely incredible. I can almost re-live the experiece of the weddeing thru the photographs. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the photo’s come out. By far, the best photography I have seen. AND THE BRIDE LOOKS AMAZING.

  20. Crystal Warwell Walker

    You two are simply stunning…but more importantly, the love shines through. Wishing you abundant blessings.

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