September 14, 2009

Married: Margi & Ryan

She held on to his arm and looked up at me and said, “I’ve waited my whole life for this moment.” As her dress was fluffed and the doors were readied, she took a deep breath and she took it all in. She didn’t want to miss a minute. Not a look or a sigh or a squeeze of the hand. Not a sideways glance or a smile left unnoticed. She had waited her whole life for this moment. And she wasn’t going to let a single second pass her by.

She held on to his arm and looked up at him and said: “I’ve waited my whole life for this moment.” As they walked hand and hand and kissed through blurry tears, she laughed from the inside out as she took it all in. She didn’t want to miss a minute. Not a look or a sigh or a squeeze of the hand. Not a brush of her cheek or a hug left unnoticed. She had waited her whole life for this moment. And she wasn’t going to let a single second pass her by.

Married: Margi & Ryan

These guys were married in August on a day that would make the J.Crew catalog jealous. No seriously, Jenna and her picks are green with envy right now. I’m guessing it’s a kelly green….with ruffle embellishments. And we, well we were the ones lucky enough to get to be there with them. To witness their love. To hear Ryan call his new wife the most beautiful woman on the planet. And he was right. Because you couldn’t be in Margi’s presence without feeling some of that beauty and grace radiating out and warming your face. They are the kind of people who make great clients. But more importantly, they are the kind of people who make AMAZING friends. Margi & Ryan, we love you from the tips of our toes all the way up to our earlobes. And back again. You make us love what we do. And we can’t wait to see & hug you again!

So much love,

This is the watch Margi got for Ryan. He got her a little blue box!

This is one of my favorite shoe/bouquet shots of the YEAR!!

Classic. Timeless. Some girls have all the luck!

J grabbed this shot of the ladies waiting to see Margi in her dress.

While I was grabbing these two

Seriously? Can she just be on a magazine cover already? Easy, breezy, beautiful.

Once everyone was dressed, we headed off to the ceremony.

How awesome is Margi’s dad and that rockin bow tie??

After the ceremony, we had some fun with these guys and their bridal party

Yes, there was a bridge!!

But so much more important to me was this guy….see him two guys to the right of Ryan?? Turns out he is a fellow WVU grad!! And what can I say, my heart always warms a little when someone else knows the proper response to “LET’S GO….” We were instantly BFF forever!

Our handsome groom…

with his beautiful bride!!

This one is mine and I have to admit to hearting it (what….it’s a verb now!!) just a little…ok a LOT!!!

Yea….I know!!

J rockin the sun flare!

First dance. Check out that reflection!

I LOVE Margi’s face as she’s listening to some words of wisdom from her dad!

Ryan & his brother make my heart smile…

while Margi’s brother makes my toes tap. Ok that was really 1950s lame. But anyway, he could sing and play the guitar and he rocked out a version of “So Much to Say” that would’ve made Mr. Dave Matthews himself jealous. I’m just sayin….

And finally….Justin grabbed this shot during Margi’s dance with her dad and it’s going in my favorite shots of all time arsenal!!

And here are some of the killer details Margi & Ryan put together for their wedding!! They had a peacock feather theme running throughout the day…did you check out the awesome feathers in the bouquet and boutonniere above?? And they also named their tables after Greek Gods & Goddesses because they were taking their honeymoon in Greece

  1. Brittney

    these are 100% beauty! love them! how do you get such great b&w’s?? they’re awesome!

  2. Megan St. Clair

    These pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for them. J & M it was sooo nice to meet you on Margi’s and Ryan’s day. I could not imagine the day without you. You both were like one of us. One of the bridal party. You captured the day so beautifully. I have truly enjoyed reading your blog daily – You are both so talented, each picture is a true piece of art. I am forever a fan! xoxo and Margi and Ryan, I love you both so much. You are such an amazing couple.

  3. Marissa Rodriguez

    Gorgeous! She is so beautiful! Looking at these pictures makes me feel calm and peaceful. Love the black and whites!

  4. Jenny @ Weddingistas

    wow – these shots are really, really beautiful. The decor is awesome with all the blues and feathers!

  5. Bob and Sue Hensley

    These photos are the best !! Thank you J & M for such great work.We are so happy to relive the moments thanks to you!! Margi and Ryan look amazing but we already knew that!!

  6. Margaret

    These are beautiful. Wow.

  7. Alice G Patterson

    You two are knocking them out of the field this season! Gorgeous, and I totally second the motion on that shoe/bouquet shot!

  8. Margi

    Love. Love. Love these photos. Especially the one on the bridge of the veil with Ryan’s eyes closed. Not that you guys would ever need a testimonial but we would write them all day for you. Not only do you make people look good, you make them feel good and allow their true self to come through in your shots. We love you guys + can’t wait to catch up after you have had a chance to breath!

  9. Stacy Cross

    love, love, love . . . i’m in love with these pictures!

  10. Christina Brosnan

    Do you use magic sharp to sharpen your images?

  11. J&M

    @Christina: We sure do! Kubota actions rock our world!!

  12. Terry

    Fantastic!! I just can’t stop looking at these photos. We are so pleased. Thank you J & M.

  13. True Event

    OMG this wedding is gorgeous, amazing photos! Love the feathers! Love the details.

  14. Christopher

    I love how your photos paint a story. Just magical.

  15. Jeanette

    Absolutely STUNNING! Love the colours chosen, and that dress is to die for! Love the peacock feather touch too

  16. Chris Reed

    I really loved the engagement shots of Margie and Ryan that you posted a few weeks ago; glad to see the wedding shots are just as amazing. Nice work!

  17. Chelsea McGowan

    Gorgeous! The colors were amazing all day long, and you guys always do such a great job of capturing that. These are the kinds of weddings that make a gal want to get hitched all over again… just for the beauty and love of the day. Wonderful!

  18. Bob

    Wow. I love them all. They’re just so….clean. Yeah, clean and simple is how I would describe them. Perfect.

  19. Bobby

    Wow, these pictures are awesome. Love the shots of the guys on the bridge. It is sooooo J-Crew of them. Here is the link to the Song that was played

  20. Heather Corporan

    The group shot on the bridge rocks! And group shots are usually, well just group shots. I love this one!

  21. Erica Velasco


  22. Adrienne Byrd

    LOVE the details! what a fabulous wedding! stunning images!

  23. Allison Davis

    First time visitor, but holy cow! You guys do amazing work! Very timeless and crisp, clean images. Excited to follow your blog from now on. :)
    This wedding was just amazing! So many fabulous details and great moments.

  24. Ryan

    You guys never cease to amaze me. Absolutely amazing, in every sense of the word. The preparation you guys do and the time and energy you put into your work couldn’t show through any stronger. We’re proud to have had you cover our wedding… honored.

  25. Margi

    okay…I think I take it back. I like the one of Ryan, Steve & I on the bridge….It is Steve’s Blue Steele!

  26. jenn best

    All your photos are gorgeous but that limo shot of the bride is STUNNING!

  27. Lora Ayers

    J & M you guys rock..HARD! Of course you had some pretty stinking amazing clients , and they have gorgeous style…but the pictures are amazing. The light is beautiful. I’m dying over those bridge shots!

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