June 5, 2010

Married: Marin & Doug (Part I)

Happy Saturday!

Justin, Julia & I are out shooting a two day wedding this weekend at the absolutely incredible Locusts on Hudson and having an awesome time! But I did want to hop on real quick and post Marin & Doug Part I for our weekend crowd.

Marin & Doug were married on an absolutely glorious day with light that just wouldn’t stop. They are two of the sweetest people you could ever meet and we had such a great time sharing in their day with them. M&D, we love you guys and you are the kind of people that I know we are going to be friends with for life. Thank you for being those kind of people!

We can’t wait to show you Part II!!
So much love,

I LOOOOOVED Marin’s bouquet!! Especially the stems!

Marin you are GORGEOUS!!

Now Doug is a stand up guy. We all already knew that. But he really blew all of us away with this next move. With Marin’s bouquet, Doug had the florist attach this locket he had engraved. Inside was a picture of Marin’s other grandma (who Marin was missing so much that day), so that she could always be with her. Needless to say, the tears rolled.

Dress time!


It’s easy to see where Marin gets her fierceness from! :)

While Julia & I stayed with the girls, Justin went for some bro time with Doug & the boys.

Doug, you were looking quite dapper yourself! Love that orange tie!

Off to the (super cute) church we go!

Here we go!



Stay tuned for Part II and more golden light yumminess coming your way soon!

  1. Whitney Gray

    I’m not usually a big b/w fan, but YOUR b/w’s are just STUNNING! I wish you would share some tips, but I understand if you don’t want to give away your secrets! Well done!

  2. Chantal Lawrie

    Just Perfection! as every job you guys do. The pictures of the hands is extraordinary, really tell the story. Congrats

  3. Jean Molodetz

    Absolutely lovely. I’m all choked up.

  4. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    That bouquet is amazing! And love the story about the locket. So special.

  5. Jil

    oh my goodness! LOVE them!!

  6. Alice

    You two are so talented, and you also seem to be blessed with awesome couples! Loving all of their detail choices, and of course the magical images you create around it all!

  7. Molly

    LOVED THESE. They made me semi emotional and I dont even know them! And yes, its 2:32 AM and I am looking at your blog!

  8. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    I kiiiiinda wanna take that green chair home with me!

  9. Girish

    Beautiful shots. Great close up in the earlier photographs. Beautiful b/w’s.

    Looking forward for part 2

  10. Christa

    Love the dress!!!

  11. Tira J

    Gorgeous!!!! Get some rest!

  12. Ray

    Love the second to last photo. Intense. <3

  13. Ray

    Also: I love the church as well. It reminds me of the church from, "A Walk To Remember." And the photos of Marin’s grandparents is so cute! The photo of them holding hands is absolutely beautiful.

  14. Alison

    That locket story totally made me well up (and it was stunning as well). Gorgeous bride, amazing dress, and handsome groom in a perfect church. What more could you want? Can’t wait to see more!

  15. Samantha Harkins

    Marin and Doug are both fabulous, but the grandparents…I want to BE them someday!

  16. Michelle

    These are beautiful and I love Marin’s dress. My favorite is the one of her standing with her dad right before walking down the aisle – in all of these photos she looks so beautiful and elegant, but that photo gives you a glimpse into what she looked like as a little girl. Such an excited, child-like quality about it.

  17. Katie

    These pictures are beautiful. I definitely got teary eyed looking at them. Wonderful job to everyone!

  18. Tammie


  19. feuza

    get tears in my eyes with this wedding, stunning

  20. laetitia

    part 2 part 2 !!!!
    I really like them too… I love the B&W (big fan of b&w in general). A lot of emotions in the pictures. And I think this is the goal of the photographer to capture emotions… well done !

  21. ajira


  22. Kristen Rowe Worzel

    Wow Marin & Doug,
    You guys look amazing & so in love. Congratulations & best of luck as you begin this amazing journey as husband & wife!

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